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What Type of Cloud Hosting Do You Need?

Get customized VMware cloud hosting solutions to meet your unique business needs with the gBlock Cloud, a vCloud powered service. Mix and match infrastructure built on the latest technology and offering the utmost in security, reliability and scalability, backed by 24/7 customer service from our cloud technicians. Choose your cloud below:

What is Cloud Hosting?

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Why Green House Data?

Our infrastructure is highly available, fully redundant, and lowers the carbon footprint of business IT operations. We pride ourselves on customized VMware cloud hosting solutions and colocation support.

Every service comes with free live customer service from our expert technical staff. Partner with us and we'll help you meet your goals without killing your budget.

We are also unique in our intense dedication to sustainability. Energy efficient facilities help us reduce costs while maintaining true scalability, a simplified IT environment, and cutting-edge hardware.

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"The services made a lot of sense for us and would make a lot of sense for peer companies."
Al Rosabal,
Executive VP & CTO
Al Rosabal