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Same Great Service...x2

Every WYOPS employee has been retained, nearly doubling the size of the technical staff at Green House Data. Along with our increased staff levels comes a higher ratio of dedicated support staff to customers. We're more ready than ever to deliver custom IT solutions to local and national customers.

Want to learn more about our IT services? Visit IT solutions or Networking and Telecom.

Tighter Service Integration

WYOPS and Green House Data have a long history together, and now customers can enjoy tighter integration between data center infrastructure and IT support. Built-in backup, managed servers, and cloud hosting meet phone systems, in-house staffing, and asset management for the ultimate IT service provider.

Emergence of an IT Leader

We're putting Cheyenne on the data center map—and now we're moving beyond the Front Range while still keeping our great local service. With a nation- and world-wide reach, Green House Data is becoming a leader in IT services and energy-efficient data centers.

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