Being able to pick up the phone, request additional virtual desktops, and have them deployed and managed from my existing portal in no time — it’s been a time-saver, to say the least. Pairing this with zero downtime makes Green House Data the best data center I have ever worked with.

Levi Daily, CTO
Cook Security Group

The Green House Data techs are very knowledgeable and professional. Solutions come through pretty quickly, especially if it’s an emergency. They are always prepared for the job.

Rob Lowrence, CTO
KB Energy

We get big-time infrastructure benefits for a fraction of the cost. Plus, Green House Data’s core competency is data center management. We need our data centers to be up 100 percent of the time, and colocation provides that.

Brian Schaben, Director of Infrastructure and Operations
Black Hills Energy

With some providers of IT services it can be a challenge, however the team at Green House Data really does step up and do a great job for us.

Andrew Shaw, Senior VP of Information Technology
Blue Federal Credit Union

A combination of tremendous growth in both clients and staff along with the increasing importance of 100% uptime led us to look to cloud infrastructure.

Heather Smith, IT Manager
Oregon Tilth

We did consider Amazon and Azure, but it was the personal touch in working with Green House Data that was the biggest driver.

Tim Robinson, Chief Operations Officer

As Cheyenne Regional Medical Center expanded and improved on our healthcare delivery initiatives, we moved EPIC to the Green House Data ensure constant uptime for both patients and our healthcare staff.

Jody Siltzer
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

A company like ours depends on the service 100% of the time – every single penny which we make is coming out of that service, and we did everything humanly possible to figure out the best possible partner.

Gyula Sziraczky, President
ARMUS Corporation

The high touch has worked really well for us. This and the overall value of the company and service offer a cost-benefit that makes a lot of sense.

Al Rosabal, VP & CTO
National CineMedia

It has been rare that we’ve needed to call in for assistance, but every time we have, the response has been handled promptly and smoothly.

Casey Mullins, Systems Administrator

Green House Data helped us create a custom cloud disaster recovery solution that has greatly reduced costs and eased our concerns of data loss in an emergency. In our tests, they continue to offer a reliably fast time to recovery.

Scott Anderson, Founder
CORE Business Services

Whether it has been third party software or international DDOS attacks, Green House Data has always come through with unexpectedly thorough support. As an internet-based business, we cannot tolerate downtime.

Paul Hagopian, COO

Our marketing campaigns drive substantial spikes in web site traffic. Green House Data's cloud platform allows us to match our IT resources with that demand.

Jess Askey, Web Developer
New Belgium Brewing

As the leader in motion image distribution, we had to rely on an engineering team that could help us deliver on goal. Green House Data engineers did just that. We rely on their expertise to help engineer high availability solutions.

Brian Noecker, Director of Web Operations
Wazee Digital

One of Systemation's hallmarks is personalization and customer service. And that's really important in our vendors as well, so having that one-on-one personal connection with Green House Data really makes a difference.

Jason Pettis, IT Director

A data center is chosen for many reasons–reliability, security, redundancy, staff capabilities, price, and in our case, environmental impact. We were fortunate to find all of these in Green House Data.

Paul Cornia, Director of Information
National Outdoor Leadership School

As our company has continued to grow exponentially, Green House Data has always come through with the infrastructure and support to keep us running.

Levi Daily, Director of IT & Managed Services
Cook Security Group

We were more than pleasantly surprised with the extent to which the team at Green House Data was willing to listen to our needs and develop additional service offerings, policies, and procedure to meet them.

Mick Simon, Partner & CTO
HCMS Group

It's a no-brainer to recommend Green House Data, especially for a manufacturer. Whether you're skilled in the IT industry or a novice completely, it would be a smooth transition.

Brien Sonzogni, IT Director
HIVIZ Shooting Systems

Now we can add a new computer out of the box and have it networked instantly—that is priceless to me.

Nathanael Olsson, Controller
Ness & Campbell Crane, Inc

In addition to the confidence we feel in the company's security standards, we are also assured that our patients' information is being properly protected and is in compliance with HIPAA.

IT Director
Premier Bone and Joint

Green House Data’s customer service is instantaneous and great. It helps me earn money while I sleep.

Michael Gdovic, Owner
South Florida Computer Specialists

We never have to worry about the bandwidth from each individual office back to Green House Data.

Payden McIntyre, IT Consultant
Thunder Basin Orthopaedics

Take a hard look at Green House Data. Not only are they environmentally responsible, but they will support you in any way they can.

Mike Lee, CTO
Titan Lenders Corp
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