Epic Systems Healthcare Hosting

Host your electronic health record software, Epic Systems, in the gBlock™ Cloud to achieve the performance, scalability, and compliance required for health applications — or choose colocation to enable the power, cooling, and space needed for 24/7 healthcare access.

Cloud and Colocated Hosting for Epic Systems

Whether you're just starting your Epic Systems project, adding new healthcare applications to infrastructure that's at capacity, struggling with uptime, or simply upgrading and modernizing your electronic health records software, a hosted Epic environment might be the solution.

HIPAA-ready data centers from Green House Data can power your Epic healthcare system. You can go with virtualized cloud infrastructure, using the VMware-powered gBlock Cloud as a stable, proven platform for HIPAA compliant health IT applications, or you can colocate your servers and equipment in one of our many nationwide data centers for guaranteed uptime, redundancy, and top-tier connectivity.

No matter the product, you'll receive a signed Business Associates Agreement, 100% SLAs, and Hear from a Human℠ customer support with an unmatched 15-minute response time.

Hosted Epic from Green House Data Includes

  • Annual HIPAA Audits

    Third party auditors certify HIPAA compliance across all Green House Data facilities.

  • Signed BAA

    Business Associates Agreements meet HIPAA requirements and deliver peace of mind.

  • Strict Security Measures

    Data centers feature multilayered physical and digital security.

  • 100% SLAs

    Your system availability is guaranteed, so your medical team can keep providing high quality care.

  • Cost Savings

    Avoid data center site expenses and let your team focus on Epic administration instead of hardware.

As Cheyenne Regional Medical Center expanded and improved on our healthcare delivery initiatives, we moved EPIC to the Green House Data environment…to ensure constant uptime for both patients and our healthcare staff.

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosted Epic

VMware was chosen as the target virtualization platform for Epic in 2013, receiving additional support, testing, and implementation guides. Choosing a VMware cloud like the gBlock Cloud from Green House Data ensures your healthcare platform will be supported for years to come.

As your healthcare environment shifts, you'll need to adjust your IT resources accordingly. Cloud hosting is simple to scale up and down as needed. Provision additional storage as your imaging systems balloon, or add new pre-configured desktops in a matter of minutes.

The gBlock Cloud offers file, block, or object storage types to best suit a given application. Object storage is of particular interest to healthcare organizations as it is suited best for unstructured data like documents, images, and video.

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HIPAA Healthcare Colocation

HIPAA compliant server rack locksA HIPAA compliant data center provider can offer a powered shell or built-out white space customized to your Epic system requirements, allowing you to focus on system administration instead of keeping servers online. Dedicated hardware owned by your organization allays privacy and security concerns for your electronic healthcare records and ePHI.

Green House Data operates multiple data center facilities across the United States, so no matter where your hospitals, offices, or users may be, you can colocate nearby.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Desktop as a Service for Healthcare

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a popular choice for healthcare providers as it helps consolidate data, avoid breaches, and administrate hundreds or thousands of desktops across large facilities like hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices. VDI and DaaS are ideal for delivering a consolidated user experience that is compliant with HIPAA protocols.

For example, virtualized instances of Epic and other applications can be installed on pre-configured desktop pools, easily pushing them to clients as needed. Single-sign-on and card access are possible, allowing specific roles like doctors, nurses, or office workers access to only the data and applications that they need.

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