Our Top Announcements and News from Microsoft Build 2020

Written by Mike Douglas on Thursday, June 4th 2020 — Categories: Azure, Windows 10, O365, DevOps, Microsoft, Software Development

At Green House Data, we help deliver a wide range of technology solutions for our customers, including many as a Microsoft partner and MSP. It’s vital for us to understand the strategic direction at Microsoft and the direction of the overall industry, so we naturally were paying close attention to see which announcement at Build 2020 might be relevant.

Like many other technology conferences in the shadow of COVID-19, Microsoft decided to go all-digital for this year’s edition of Build, the company’s massive annual developer-focused conference. The affect of COVID-19 on Build 2020 couldn’t have been more obvious than the “work from home”-style keynote that Scott Hanselman and friends did.

This year was the 10th edition of Build and due to the digital nature was even entirely free to attend. 48-hours of sessions were peppered with news about Azure, .NET, Windows, Microsoft 365, GitHub, and more, alongside educational content in the form of Q&As and tutorials.

Read on to discover our top picks from Build 2020.

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Beekeeper 5.2.0 Release Notes

Written by John Hann on Wednesday, June 3rd 2020 — Categories: Beekeeper Software, Product Information

The latest version of our Beekeeper patching automation software for System Center brings great new features like parallel patching, SQL Availability Group compatibility, daily scheduling, and more.

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Why We’re Excited About Fluid Framework in Microsoft 365

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Friday, May 22nd 2020 — Categories: O365, Enterprise Applications, Microsoft

First introduced in 2019, Fluid Framework has made a reappearance at this year’s digital-version of the Microsoft Build conference, and it’s now available for preview with some initial releases for Office.com and Outlook clients coming soon.

But what is this new framework for productivity applications? Here’s why we’re excited about Fluid and the changes it may bring to the way we collaborate and work digitally.

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Identifying Your Business Continuity Priorities

Written by Steven Dreher on Friday, May 15th 2020 — Categories: Disaster Recovery, IT Operations

As an IT leader, you’ll have personnel to consider in your business continuity plans, with additional considerations for any data center space you operate, perhaps some critical heavy equipment, and desktop and mobile hardware. But your primary role within business continuity is likely to be disaster recovery focused, simply because you must keep crucial applications and data available to those stakeholders and operational sites deemed essential.

Your DR plan should focus on recovering key essential technical functions while also considering the supporting tools, applications, data collaboration, and potential workforce displacement.

But how exactly do you identify which systems are critical – and in need of faster time to recovery – and which can rely on more simple backup methods? Here are four key questions to ask yourself as you prioritize within your continuity plan.

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Using System Center to Reduce VPN Congestion from Remote Workstation Updates

Written by Rory McCaw on Tuesday, April 28th 2020 — Categories: Azure, Patching, SCCM, Enterprise Applications, IT Operations

During this challenging time, we need to make sure our infrastructure is available for our quickly evolving remote workforce while ensuring security and compliance.

Many organizations have sent devices home with employees so they can work remotely. Your standard monthly Windows and security updates — typically distributed across a high speed, corporate network — can now potentially create bandwidth and user performance issues if received over the corporate VPN. It’s critical to maintain patching and compliance schedules while minimizing traffic spikes over your VPN that can cause connectivity and performance issues.

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