“Speaking” Oracle While Using a VMware Service Provider

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Thursday, July 5th 2012 — Categories: VMware

There's a funny expression that we've noticed over the years. When someone wants to know if you are proficient in a given environment, they might ask, for instance, “Do you code in C-sharp?” (for C#). Or they might ask if a person can “handle” PHP or simply “write” in Ruby or some other language.

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vCloud Director Simplifies VPN Administration

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, June 27th 2012 — Categories: VMware

Security has always been one of the biggest concerns in both cloud computing and using a distributed workforce. The fear that data could be highjacked from the cloud or from public telecommunications networks has kept many organizations from taking full advantage of cloud based solutions to create remote offices or work-from-home opportunities, important advantages in agile computing and employee retention.

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VMware Service Providers for the New Era of Computing

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, June 20th 2012 — Categories: VMware

As VMware service providers, we were interested to read this interview in which VMware chief executive Paul Maritz talks about cloud computing, the changing expectations of employees and consumers, and the business opportunity these changes present.

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Colocation Brings Opportunity

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, June 13th 2012 — Categories: Colocation

Today’s business climate is making more demands on companies to control costs while doing everything they can to generate new growth. If your business is at this crossroads, it may be time to consider colocation as a way to control your IT operations and costs, protect your company’s data, and maximize the time of your IT staff.

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Finding the Right Cloud Hosting Provider Is Critical to Success

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, June 6th 2012 — Categories: Cloud Hosting

If it’s time for your business to consider moving to the cloud, it is time to start studying your options.

The key to succeeding with the move is finding the right cloud hosting partner for you.

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