Honored to be a “Certifiably Green Denver” Business!

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Tuesday, October 8th 2013

As the name implies Green House Data is a company with a strong sense of environmental responsibility. With data centers powered by renewable wind energy and designed to be exceptionally energy efficient Green House Data has taken many steps to lighten our carbon footprint. Recently we were honored to be ranked as a Certifiably Green Denver business!

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Building a Data Center: Choosing the Right Design Team

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Tuesday, October 1st 2013 — Categories: Colocation , Colocation, Data Center Design, Green Data Center

In today’s challenging business climate, designing, financing and constructing a multi-tenant data center project is a challenge; even for established data center owner / operators.

Having a design and engineering team that understands the challenges associated with this process can help.  Highly qualified engineering firms understand not only the options and efficiencies of design, but also the cost to build and operate the data center.  Increasingly, the design and engineering teams need to play a larger role in these investment and financial elements of the project.  Although first cost is always of great importance, the cost to maintain and operate the data center over a 20 year period is even more substantial. The best design decisions today tend to be based on a total cost of ownership (TCO) model, and carefully measure costs of energy and water consumption as well as repairs and maintenance.

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4 Reasons IT Should Lead the Way to a Greener Planet

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, September 25th 2013 — Categories: Green Data Center

Let's move beyond greenwashing here. We'll be the first to admit that while many companies, including our own, may be extremely committed to energy efficiency, they also use it as a marketing tactic. There's a reason: it's a differentiator and a clear advantage to our services vs. the competition. This isn't us merely tooting our own horn or trying to play up our green practices. We're in it for the long haul. And I'm going to tell you why I think the technology industry as a whole should be leading the way to a greener future for everyone.

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Wrangle Shadow IT and Empower BYOD with Hybrid Cloud

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, September 18th 2013 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Hosting, Security, Virtual Desktop

You’ve likely heard of “shadow IT” or BYOD (bring your own device). Both terms refer to employees using private devices or software at the workplace—think iPads for work, or Google Drive to share files in a department. These practices may not be sanctioned by the IT department, but they improve productivity and save provisioning costs. However, they come with the risk of security breaches or other issues, causing IT headaches. By implementing an official BYOD policy and deploying hybrid cloud tools, companies can eliminate shadow IT and empower employees at the same time.

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The Internet of Things

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Thursday, September 12th 2013

The idea behind the Internet of Things is the complete automation of communication between all the things. In this situation a “thing” is essentially anything that can be assigned a piece of hardware and an IP address. The IP address allows the things to interact among themselves, thus removing the need for any human-to-human communication.

Kevin Ashton first coined the name for this technology filled future in 1999 but the foundation of the idea was started in the 1980’s when companies first began using technology to communicate with machines. Each year the advances in technology built on and confirmed the premise of the Internet of Things.

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