How to Migrate Azure AD Connect to a New Server Within the Same Forest

Written by Saeed Sheikh on Wednesday, July 29th 2020 — Categories: Azure, Active Directory, IT Modernization

With Windows Server 2008 reaching end of life, decommissioning the old servers still running in your production environment poses a serious security risk. Sometimes you still have some critical services running on them that need to move to another server before they can be decommissioned. Recently I had to migrate Azure AD Connect from an old 2008 domain controller to a new Windows 2019 server.

Most of the guides I found online only talk about how to do a fresh install of Azure AD Connect. I wanted to be able to preserve all the existing rules and settings and not disrupt anything for the users. It is possible to manually document all the settings by digging deep into the Azure AD Connect tool, but there is always a chance to miss something.

Here are the steps I followed to do it.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Configuring Network Policies for VPN

Written by Saeed Sheikh on Thursday, September 13th 2018 — Categories: Microsoft, Security

A Network Policy Server is Microsoft implementation of a RADIUS server that performs authentication, authorization, and accounting for remote VPN connections. Network policies are defined by network administrators to use conditions, settings, and constraints in order to determine who can connect to the network.

I was recently involved in reviewing the existing VPN solution and then deploying another solution for a client. Here are some common mistakes I found made when configuring these policies.

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