Beekeeper Patch Automation 5.1.0 Release Notes

Written by John Hann on Tuesday, February 12th 2019 — Categories: Beekeeper Software, Documentation

We're releasing version 5.1.0 of our Beekeeper patching automation software this week. Let's take a look at the new features available to make your patch workflow even more efficient.

What’s New?

When is it expected to be available?

Beekeeper version 5.1.0 will release on February 15, 2019.

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Just show me what it looks like already!

With rebranding and the addition of upcoming execution jobs, the dashboard has been updated:

beekeeper patch automation version 5.1

Schedules now have enable/disable slider:

Support Package download button has been added to the Administration/About page:

System Notification Recipient Email Address has added to Administration/Settings page:

What’s Next?

Our next development sprint will add SQL Always On Availability Groups support. We will continue to improve Beekeeper and welcome all feedback.