Choosing a Green Data Center Located in Flyover Country

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, May 9th 2012 — Categories: Green Data Center

I recently came across a blog post discussing why flyover country is a great location for a data center. By “flyover country”, the author was referring to Middle America. The points made are all exactly why we chose to locate our data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming:

In addition to these points, Cheyenne is also great choice because of its proximity to Denver and its lower vulnerability to natural disasters. With the University of Wyoming, Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado all within a 50 mile radius, we have also been able to find some very talented and highly educated employees.

It is great to see more companies realizing the value of choosing a data center in remote areas. Great savings can be achieved without sacrificing high technology and good employees. See more of the reasons as to why a Wyoming data center location would benefit your company.