Finding the Right Cloud Hosting Provider Is Critical to Success

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, June 6th 2012 — Categories: Cloud Hosting

If it’s time for your business to consider moving to the cloud, it is time to start studying your options.

The key to succeeding with the move is finding the right cloud hosting partner for you.

“Moving any system, or even parts of a system, to the cloud is tough enough on its own. Selecting the right solution provider can also be daunting. It's true that experience can be the best teacher, but there also can be real-world costs to learning things on the job. If mistakes are made, those costs can be substantial for a company's bottom line,” Chris Preimesberger said in a post at Eweek to introduce a 10-point to-do list for those considering cloud computing.

So what are some of the things you need to know as you study your cloud computing options?

Before you begin studying providers you should develop a plan. What are you going to put on the cloud? Why are you putting them there and how are you going to use them? What do you expect to gain from using cloud services? These and many other questions need to be addressed so that when you talk to potential hosting partners, you can communicate your needs and objectives and so that providers can give you the information you need for evaluating their service.

When you have your plan and begin talking with hosting providers the Eweek list offers a good outline to follow. Among the topics you need to include in the discussions are security, service agreements, regulatory issues, mobile data security, service flexibility, and disaster recovery. Your review should also include getting an understanding of your provider’s facilities and operations and checking out potential providers with other users.

If you are making a move to the cloud, you want to make sure that you know what you need, what you are getting and exactly what it will cost.

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