Get to Know Green House Data: Alex Kirby

Written by Kristina Sink on Tuesday, October 11th 2016 — Categories: Get to Know Green House Data

Alex Kirby, Cloud Services Engineer I for Green House DataAlex Kirby, Cloud Services Engineer (and Rubik's cube solving ninja) in our Cheyenne headquarters, talks about his first forays into web design and his favorite work projects, including network redesigns in Washington.

Get to Know Green House Data is our semi-weekly blog series that puts the spotlight on our great staff. Read on to Get to Know Alex!

Which office do you work in? Are you originally from the area?

I work in the primary data center in Cheyenne, WY, where I was born and raised!

What are your favorite things to do in Cheyenne?

Visit new breweries and restaurants as they spring up.

How long have you been in the technology industry?

 Approximately 6.5 years.

How did you first get interested in IT?

It began in high school, I was mostly interested in web design and programming at the time. Right after senior year, I was a co-creator of an ill-fated web design company that aimed at providing quality websites for a good price. Not surprisingly, leaving all the technical work for one measly 18 year old did not bode well for timely deliverables, so we eventually closed shop. I stopped IT for a while until deciding to go back to college a few years later. I’ve pursued furthering my knowledge ever since.

What are some of your favorite work projects? Least favorite?

My favorites are:

My least favorite:

What do you like to do in your free time?

Coffee or tea?

I love both, but definitely drink more coffee than tea.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

I honestly don’t feel that I have enough knowledge in either to justify an opinion. I would say by a slim margin that Star Trek would be my preference, only because I can relate more to Data than any other Star Wars character (it seems highly logical to me).

What do you like about working at Green House Data?

I have always been attracted to challenges that further my understanding (technology or otherwise), and I have yet to exhaust this reservoir at Green House Data. I am honored to be part of a group of people way smarter than I am, as it allows me to continuously grow into the engineer I intend to be.

There is a push toward providing a better work/life balance that I have not seen at other companies, for which I am thankful.

I get to work with some really neat technologies that I would otherwise not know about.

Also, you can't beat the kegerator in the cafe!