Get to Know Green House Data: Kyle Langford

Written by Kristina Sink on Tuesday, April 4th 2017 — Categories: Get to Know Green House Data

Managed Services Senior Engineer, Kyle LangfordWe return to our ongoing series, Get to Know Green House Data, to chat with Managed Services Senior Engineer Kyle Langford. Kyle explains how a custom-built PC led him from his Fort Morgan upbringing to the I.T. industry, and why he feels like his coworkers have become family. Plus, he admits he would be first to get eaten in a zombie apocalypse.

Which office do you work in? Are you originally from the area?

I presently work out of the new Cheyenne Data Center. I grew up in Fort Morgan, which is a small town in Northeastern Colorado.

What are your favorite things to do in Cheyenne?

Dining out, enjoying craft beer, and taking a motorcycle ride. 

How long have you been in the technology industry?

I have been working professionally in IT for 10 years. However, I have been doing computer work well before I started professionally. I started helping friends and family with their computer issues back when I was in middle school.

How did you first get interested in I.T.?

It all goes back to middle school when I discovered how easy it was to build your own custom PC. I remember in 8th grade doing class reports where I showed my peers how to build one. From there, I continued to take on new computer projects, like working for small businesses while in high school, and expanding my thirst for knowledge by trying things I have not done before. I still apply this attitude today as I take on new projects and help my clients with their unique needs.

What are some of your favorite work projects? Least favorite?

I love deployment and architecture planning. It is always nice to deploy new systems and constantly improve. Each deployment is different and it is very interesting with the unique challenges that each one brings.  I currently work on a lot of Disaster Restoration Systems, Voice Over IP, and Cloud Migrations, which always seem to keep me interested in what I do.

As always, the documentation is the boring part of any system deployment. It is hard to stay focused on something without actually turning the knobs that make a system work.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, playing golf, biking, hiking, home improvement, cheering on the Broncos, and watching my nephews/nieces grow up. I am passionate about travelling as I have been on several overseas trips in which I always enjoyed experiencing different cultures. I am hoping to visit all the continents in my lifetime, as there is so much to see and experience in the world.

It’s the zombie apocalypse. You get to choose one weapon, one vehicle, one sidekick, and one home base. GO!

Haha, I will probably be the first one to be eaten alive. However, if I had to guess, I would have to go with an AR-15, a submarine, Chris Pratt (he plays the part of Humorous Rebel pretty well), and a Navy Base for the sub.

Playstation or Xbox?

Xbox all the way! I remember being the first kid in my class to figure out how to link multiple Xboxes together. This was back in the days before Xbox Live.

What do you like about working at Green House Data?

The people at this company make all the difference. We all like to joke around, tell stories, and make each other laugh. Without this, it would definitely be a boring day at work and I enjoy working with all these people whom I have come to consider my work family. The amount of expertise in the Engineering Team is very vast, as we have all worked on some amazing projects. I truly consider it an honor to work alongside them.