Get to Know Green House Data: Stephen Martin

Written by Kristina Sink on Thursday, February 23rd 2017 — Categories: Get to Know Green House Data

Managed Services Administrator I for Green House Data, Stephen MartinWe're back with another edition of Get to Know Green House Data! If this is your first time reading, this blog series introduces the staff running, promoting, troubleshooting, and supporting our data center facilities and services across the country.

This week, we visit with Managed Services Administrator Stephen Martin, who describes the exciting early days of the internet and the rapid pace of technology advances he encountered while serving in the Air Force, and explains what an “Iron Butt” ride is.

Which office do you work in? Are you originally from the area?

I work in the Cheyenne Office with Managed Services. I’m not originally from the area, it was the Air Force that moved me to Cheyenne. I’m from San Antonio Texas and joined the military a year after graduating high school, as I planned.

What are your favorite things to do in Cheyenne? 

I enjoy checking out the new dining facilities when they open and local activities, such as Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cheyenne Super Days, Fridays on the Plaza at the Depot, and the Farmers Market. I also love being so close to the mountains which are good places to go to camp, fish, and cool off in the summer when it’s hot.

How long have you been in the technology industry?

Throughout most of my adult life I’ve been exposed to some of the most interesting information technologies. I've spent approximately 15 years employed full-time in the technology industry.

How did you first get interested in I.T.?

My interest was first piqued when I was in the military in 1974 and an individual came up to me asking if I wanted to see something cool. He came back with a big dark gray mobility box; when opened, there was a screen and a place to put a phone receiver (the old dial up phone receiver) and a keyboard. He dialed into Berkley University’s Library and showed me a list all the books I could check out. He explained that this is the internet (ARPNET back then, but also the first year that the word Internet was used in a document on TCP by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn) and to watch for more to come. 

While still in the military I was selected to go out and research all the different small business/office technology that was available back in 1983; this is when I was introduced to the Wang computer and all the abilities it could do. I remember the Wang had the ability to talk to another Wang over a network. 

The next time I got to work with technology was from 1989 to 1992, when I was selected to work on a team whose job was to learn about, work on, test, and report issues with new software the military wanted all Air Force bases to utilize. I even got to see the HUGE room where all the programmers worked on this software, where my “suggested” fixes were sent, and which group worked on each module. Once the software was ready for deployment, this team was selected to go to Air Force Bases and train the base personnel on the new software. While on this team we had reports to do and lots of military messages to keep track of. This is when I built my first database with Enable to help us manage all those messages. When I arrived at FE Warren AFB, I became the go to guy for IT issues in my organization. 

Before leaving the military, I looked around at careers and saw how fast the IT field was growing, so I pursued and obtained my Microsoft Certified System Engineer Certification 1999 and a four year degree in Management of Computer Information Systems in 2003. 

What are some of your favorite work projects? Least favorite?

My favorite type of work is with customers, providing them with positive experiences so they look forward to their next visit. 

I also love working complex issues and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with a successful resolution.

Least favorite is wiring. Luckily, Managed Services no longer runs wire.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, and fishing. I like to read, work out at the gym, and I like to listen to music on my “He-Man” system. I also study advances in stereo and new technology, watch movies on my Home theater system, and ride my motorcycle year round (I’ve done a couple of Iron Butt rides, which is doing 1000 miles within 24 hours). 

Coffee or tea?

Both, depending on the time of day. Coffee in morning and tea the rest of the day.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek.

What do you like about working at Green House Data? 

I thought I had a lot of knowledge in the IT field until I came to Green House Data and starting working with all these highly intelligent people and I found out how little I really knew. What a great opportunity to grow and learn! The people I work with are willing to share their knowledge, which is rare in this field. This gives you a huge support group to help get the job done. 

Also, management accepts they are a growing company and can learn as they grow, even from their employees.  Management is always open to new ideas!