Hybrid Continues to Be Most Popular Cloud Option, Adoption Accelerating

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Tuesday, February 9th 2016 — Categories: Cloud Hosting

hybrid cloud iconHybrid cloud remains the most popular option for cloud infrastructure, as more and more businesses have an active hybrid environment or plan to adopt one. A recent EMC and IDG Research survey found that 88% of respondents believe hybrid cloud is ‘important’ or ‘critical’ to enable digital business transformation. The results seem to indicate what EMC calls one of the only things industry experts can agree on: hybrid is the future of enterprise IT infrastructure.

This survey focused on digital transformation, which aims to improve business agility, add data-based decision making, and deliver better, more responsive services to customers and employees.  Mobile devices, cloud-based internet services, social media, big data, the Internet of Things, and analytics all play a role.

While over 90% of those surveyed said digital transformation was essential, about 30% reported lack of technology or fragmented computing environments each as barriers to success. Hybrid cloud is seen as the ideal route to overcome these hurdles.

71% Have Already Launched Hybrid

Meanwhile, RightScale recently release their State of the Cloud survey. 91% of their respondents said they are already using cloud, with 71% using hybrid cloud - far more than the 18% using only public, or 6% using only private. This increased from 58% using hybrid cloud last year.

Lack of resources and expertise was cited as the main reason blocking cloud adoption.

It's clear that hybrid cloud is here to stay and can even help businesses traverse a roadmap to digital innovation. Read the rest of the IDG / EMC survey results here, and check out RightScale's State of the Cloud here.

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