IT Team Skill Survey Reveals 78% Use Outsourced Staff

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Thursday, October 27th 2016

The overall trend for cloud computing has been widespread adoption, although the rate varies. As more companies, small and large, look towards moving their IT infrastructure into the cloud, they have to overcome a number of challenges in the actual migration, securing the environment, and training their employees.

Previously, security was seen as the biggest obstacle to cloud adoption, but the recent surveys show that lack of resources/expertise is now the number one cloud challenge (Rightscale 2016).

Green House Data wanted to see how IT professionals perceive their own team’s expertise and abilities in light of these trends. We surveyed 944 IT professionals, with 64% at the executive level, to discover what the biggest challenges are in their daily work.

The results reveal some interesting facts, including that nearly 40% of IT teams must rely on outside staffing on an ongoing basis in order to complete their tasks. Security was seen as the biggest skills gap, with nearly 40% listing it as a weak spot on their team, followed only by performance monitoring at 32% and communicating effectively, also at 32%.

In a world where managed cloud services and outsourcing IT are growing, it is telling that 78% of IT departments must use outside supplementary staff at least once per year.

Most IT professionals must outsource at least once per yearClick to view full size.

Read on for more results and the complete charts from the survey.

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It’s fair to say that supplementary staff is often used for everything from one-time projects like configuring a new application to ongoing tasks like security auditing or network monitoring. With cloud initiatives proliferating, many of the tasks handed to supplementary staff are likely to revolve around the cloud.

The survey results did seem to reflect those assumptions. Less than 30% reported proficiency in either internal or external IaaS or cloud servers. Most professionals reported their team was proficient in Help Desk / Support (nearly 70%), troubleshooting (64%), and problem solving (64%). The highest proficiency in technical skills came from Patching & Updates (50%) and network monitoring (50%).

IT team proficiency survey resultsClick to view full size.

Skills gaps on IT teams as reported by professionalsClick to view full size.

In addition, respondents said the biggest hurdle to completing projects is staff levels – there simply isn’t enough talent to go around. While time and budget also seemed to be major factors, interference from other departments was listed as a major barrier as well, with over 30% reporting it as an obstacle.

Survey results show barriers to completing IT projectsClick to view full size.

One thing the survey made abundantly clear is that IT departments can be strapped for time, budget, and staff. While most respondents said their team has a solid work/life balance, over 46% say a lack of staff is a primary barrier to completing projects.

Most IT professionals say they have a good work life balanceClick to view full size.

With outsourcing IT projects seemingly becoming more commonplace, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see growth in the managed cloud and managed IT service spaces. Is your IT organization planning a cloud project? Do you have the staff expertise to complete it on your own? What tasks do you routinely outsource? Sound off on Twitter @greenhousedata