Get to Know Green House Data: David Lloyd

Written by Kristina Sink on Thursday, June 2nd 2016 — Categories: Get to Know Green House Data

David Lloyd, Implementation & Systems Project Manager for Green House DataYou may work with them regularly, but how well do you know your Green House Data support staff, engineers, or their coworkers in sales, accounting, and elsewhere? Our Get to Know Green House Data series brings you a closer look at our talented staff. This week, meet David Lloyd, Implementation & Systems Project Manager for Green House Data.


I work in Seattle, and I was born and raised in the city. I grew up in West Seattle, and moved to the north end when I was 16. Except for my college years, I haven’t moved away. I love living here.

What are your favorite things to do in Seattle?

I definitely fit a lot of the classic Seattle stereotypes. I spend a fair bit of time at local breweries and coffee shops – we have some of the best in the country! Seattle also rests between two different mountain ranges and has incredible access to the outdoors, so I do a lot of skiing, camping, and cycling. I even bike commute to the office every day, rain or shine. This city is changing incredibly fast, so I like to stay involved with local politics, as well.

How long have you been in Client Services?

I’ve pretty much always been involved with tech, somehow! I started out building computers and terminal servers for local non-profits and political campaigns during high school. That sounds fancy, but I really just knew how to build a computer and, since I was a kid, they didn’t have to pay me very much. I also did my internship with the Seattle Center, working on their website relaunch.

After an interest in political science during college, I joined Client Services at FiberCloud just over three years ago as a way to get back to my IT roots. The role turned out perfect for me – I got to work in all aspects of the business, with enough technical work to keep things interesting. Green House Data came along and purchased FiberCloud, and here I am now!

What are some of your favorite work projects? Least favorite?

My work with our client portal, Ubersmith, has been my favorite ongoing project. It’s given me a tool I can use every day to solve new problems and increase my technical skillset. It’s also something I can claim responsibility for and be proud of.

Cross connect audits have to be my least favorite. Manually digging up legacy order data can be daunting and frustrating. However, the results can be awesome.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In addition to my favorite Seattle activities I’ve discussed, I play a lot of video games. I’m also a huge food nerd – I love good food and cooking, and I’m a huge advocate for food sustainability, health and fitness.

Right now I’m planning my wedding with my amazing fiancée Katie, so that’s certainly taken up a couple of free weekends!

Three days at a resort with spa treatments, or three days camping in a secluded spot in the mountains?

Camping! Especially on a quiet lake in the Cascades. I spend so much time in the city, I love to escape into nature for a while and re-calibrate myself.

Donuts or bagels?

Bagels! Wood-fired Montreal-style any day (sorry, New Yorkers!)

...I’m not actually sorry.

What do you like about working at Green House Data?

I love the open-door policy here. I always know the big picture of what I’m working on, and I feel very connected to my work. I’m also given tons of opportunity to experiment, learn and grow quickly here, surrounded by unique challenges and amazing mentors.

I also love our focus on sustainability and community – I feel like I’m part of something good for the world. I have a bit of an activist background, so that concept is super important to me.