The Art of Green House Data

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, October 8th 2014

art in the data centersTechs may have the reputation of being data driven, preferring lines of code to creative pursuits, but our support team boasts some serious photography chops. That's why we asked for employee submissions when we started decorating our new data center in Cheyenne.

All of the artwork in the building came from our team, with gorgeous photographs of Wyoming and Colorado taken by Systems Engineer Jim Taylor and Infrastructure Consultant Kyle Prawel. Check out some of their selected work below.

Kyle and Jim both focus on the natural beauty of the Front Range, but they dabble in portrait work and other subjects. The presence of their photographs in the data center brings a bit of the outdoors, where many members of the Green House Data team love to explore and relax, into our daily world of computer screens and servers.


Jim has been shooting photography for over 34 years, some of which included side work as a professional. These days he teaches photography at the local community college and enjoys experimenting with new techniques and technologies. He shoots landscapes, portraits, models, still life, ranches, the Old West, macro—“pretty much anything,” in his own words.

wheat field art

wheat art

the moon at night

wild sun flowers

in the trees

Check out Jim's Flickr page for more pictures.

Kyle Prawel

Kyle has been into photography for some time as well, but has only ever been a hobbyist. His goal is to create ever higher ultra-high-resolution panoramic images, spending hours tweaking photos at over 20,000 pixels (and waiting for his computer to catch up). Some of his images selected for the new data center are 300 megapixel resolution.


tower in wyoming

the mountains


the forest

Connect with Kyle on LinkedIn to talk cloud or DSLR.