The Data Center Walkthrough Checklist

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Thursday, October 13th 2016

data center walkthroughData centers never shut down, and the doors don’t ever really close. With 24/7 access for those with security clearance, plus round-the-clock monitoring by NOC staff and engineers, data centers don’t really need a walkthrough to close up shop, unlike many other businesses.

That doesn’t mean that a similar process isn’t followed at the end of every shift or periodically throughout the day, however.

At Green House Data, the Global Support Center staff members are charged with walkthroughs to ensure proper operation of the data center from entrance to loading dock. Use this as a template for your own facility — or read it as assurance that we’re doing all we can to guarantee 100% uptime and a great customer experience.


Telco Room


Tape Library Room(s)


Data Center Floor(s)

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data center technician performing walkthroughOutside the Building



Whether you're evaluating a data center or running one, this list is a great place to start checking best practices. There are many more data center operations activities that go on daily, weekly, and monthly, including generator fuel burning and maintenance, cleaning of data center floors and office areas, UPS testing, and so forth. But proper operations start with regular walkthroughs and complete building and system monitoring.