TIA Removes “Tier” Designation, Works with Uptime Institute for Data Center Benchmarking

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, May 7th 2014 — Categories: Cloud Hosting, Colocation , Data Center Design

Datacenter Dynamics reports that the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) will remove “tiers” from its data center benchmarking system. We've previously explained the differences between TIA and the Uptime Institute data center tier benchmarks here on the blog—they mainly differ in the requirement of raised floors. The article also explains that the Uptime Institute and TIA will work together to establish a unified front for data center ratings.

Uptime Instititue's tier benchmarks predate the TIA standards by about a decade and are much more widely used. Datacenter Dynamics says that TIA will update the ANSI/TIA-942/TIA-942A Standard to remove the “tier” designation in order to eliminate confusion between the two systems. In the past, the TIA has been more focused on cabling and the deployment of advanced communications networks.

Although the article describes a collaborative project to “establish a 'clear and concise' lexicon for the design of data centers” and “cover the way facilities are planned, constructed and operated worldwide”, Julian Kudritzki, COO of the Uptime Institute, said the organizations would create more distinct standards.

“By disentangling our respective terminologies, both TIA and Uptime Institute are better able to pursue the independent development of standards and programs as each sees fit. We are confident that this is the lasting and public solution for the issue,” Kudritzki said.

Whether a unified lexicon for data center design emerges or each organization releases updated benchmarks, it seems as though data center operators will soon have new tools to help them design facilities and improve operations in existing white space.