VMware Service Providers for the New Era of Computing

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Wednesday, June 20th 2012 — Categories: VMware

As VMware service providers, we were interested to read this interview in which VMware chief executive Paul Maritz talks about cloud computing, the changing expectations of employees and consumers, and the business opportunity these changes present.

According to Maritz, the cloud has issued an entirely new era of computing, with changes in the way businesses and consumers relate to information. In order to make the cloud customer experience work, companies need to use their own data in new ways and utilize data from other sources.

The infrastructure that worked for the previous era must change to accommodate a world with multiple devices, fixed and mobile. These changes are driven by and will have an effect on both the employee experience and the customer experience. As Maritz says:

“The expectations customers have about consuming information – about products, their service, pricing, everything – is radically changing. Business, meantime, is sitting on 50 years of infrastructure that isn’t appropriate to the job. Their computing is built to send out paper bills – infrequent, narrow transactions.”

This transformation is gradually taking place, with roughly half of computer applications now running on virtualized servers. So what's next for the company that has been the “remedial” technology for client-server moving to big data centers?

“Now we have to become pivotal to this new kind of data flow,” Maritz says. “We do it by moving from selling just server virtualization to a suite of software to manage more of a company’s cloud.”

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