Why Having a Disaster Recovery Plan Will Increase Your Revenue

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 — Categories: Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plans Increase RevenueThere’s a saying that goes “Hope for sunshine, but prepare for rain.” As our world goes more digital, our need for data storage grows. There needs to be places to house all this information that is available at our fingertips. That is where cloud-hosting comes into play. Not only does it save operational costs, but almost more importantly, it can save your company when it comes to disaster recovery..

When you see that phrase “disaster recovery”, you probably think of big catastrophes: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. And while that is certainly part of it, the more frequent type of disaster in the hosting world is technical related. This can mean viruses, outages, human error, etc. Every hour of outages can cost a company thousands of dollars in productivity and in sales.

So why use cloud hosting for your disaster recovery plans?

1) It’s faster. With cloud hosting, everything is virtual. There is no need to manually load and transfer operating systems or applications from one server to another.  It is all there automatically. This means your recovery time is measured in seconds and minutes versus days and weeks.

2) It’s safer. Without cloud hosting, all of your data and information are in one place. Literally. It is subject to those natural catastrophes and even potential terrorist plots. Obviously those likelihoods are rare, but you can never be too safe. With cloud-hosting, your data is never in just one location. One site can undergo failure, and your company is still safe.

3) It’s more cost-effective. Because of the above benefits, there isn’t as much overhead that goes into cloud hosting. Your company is benefiting from the cloud providers capital investment by only paying for the portion of the cloud that you utilize.  In addition, it can be set up so that your cloud powers on while the data is being uploaded and powers down when the process is completed, letting you only pay for the time you are using them.   Your company is not only safer and faster, but you’re saving money. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

4) It increases your revenue. Really, it does. Companies “in the cloud” can save over $150,000 a year in simple productivity costs. When there are on-site outages, your employees can work from the cloud, and you won’t lose those precious hours and dollars.

There are plenty of reasons to utilize cloud-hosting. The benefits of having a cloud-based disaster recovery plan are simply too numerous to ignore. In fact, 80% of companies have no disaster recovery plan at all related to their data and information. This means they are losing thousands and perhaps millions of dollars annually, and also stand to lose everything they have. So not only do you need a plan, but it should include the cloud.

If you have questions about what all of this means, we’d love to talk you about how Green House Data can serve your company’s needs. You can request a quote, or contact us to get information about how we can help you set up an easy and affordable disaster recovery solution for your business.