Case Study:

BatteryShip moves to the cloud to scale IT resources to meet business demands and budget. 

Headquartered in North America, online retailer BatteryShip, Inc. has helped hundreds of thousands of customers find replacement battery and power products across hundreds of categories and many different brands.

Moving to the Cloud

Like many organizations, as BatteryShip built and grew their business, they colocated in a large, east-coast-based data center. Prices had begun to creep up, and scaling was proving difficult on physical servers, but service and uptime were both solid—until storm flooding caused a multi-day outage.

To improve the rate of uptime so critical to online retail, ensure the ability to scale for growth, and easily access always-on certified support, BatteryShip chose Green House Data’s gBlock® Cloud.


“We weren’t sure what was possible with cloud infrastructure when we started this process,” said Paul Hagopian, Chief Operating Officer, BatteryShip. “But we knew as an internet-based business that we could not tolerate downtime.”

With redundant network connections, power, and cooling, Green House Data was able to offer BatteryShip a 100% SLA on their cloud infrastructure. In addition, Green House Data’s Cheyenne, Wyoming location is in one of the safest geographic locations in the United States, making a repeat of the flooding outage unlikely. If a disaster were to strike, the nationwide gBlock Cloud provides multiple other data center locations for failover.

BatteryShip also wanted a consistently faster real-time connection. Green House Data's central location on a multi-carrier network hub made it quicker and easier for customers across the United States to quickly access and search Improved connection speeds simultaneously provided rapid access to back-office web apps.

“The level of performance has helped us maintain our own commitment to excellent service,” said Hagopian.


Cloud migration ended concerns about procuring extra compute space—something Hagopian had previously characterized as “pinched and pricey”—and gave BatteryShip room to grow without having to fy across the country whenever they experienced changes in capacity planning.

The ability to provision additional virtualized machines on-demand means infrastructure never has to be a barrier to productivity, and industry standard VMware® ensures BatteryShip is never locked in to one service provider or a proprietary platform. Additional services like backup storage help round out BatteryShip’s cloud infrastructure.

“Green House Data keeps our operational efficiency up, our scalability virtually unlimited, and our costs low,” said Hagopian.

Around the Clock Support

Staffed 24x7x365, Green House Data offers customers live help from certified engineers any time of the day or night. Engineers also actively monitor the network. “Whether it has been third party software or international DDOS attacks, Green House Data has always come through with unexpectedly thorough support,” said Hagopian. “Better than just diagnosing, Green House Data support solves problems and helps us prevent them from ever happening again. We love those permanent solutions.”