Case Study:
South Florida Computer Specialists

South Florida Computer Specialists bolsters rapid growth and improves product offerings by offering online backup, hosted e-mail, and cloud services from Green House Data’s geographically diverse data centers for additional resiliency. Both ownership and end users have been impressed by the services and dedication to customer support.

“The amount of credibility these products bring to a small company like ours is just sensational.”

Searching for Additional MSP Products

Offering on-site IT and managed services for small businesses, South Florida Computer Specialists started in 1999 as a small company and has grown at a rate of 10-20% a year. As a small business owner operating in Boca Raton’s highly competitive market, owner Michael Gdovic was looking for high quality IT products that were easy to implement, had a low overhead, and could help differentiate his  software and computer support business.

Great customer service is one of the things that puts South Florida Computer Specialists at the top of its market. The company landed some of its most significant accounts simply because, out of three or four other vendors, they were able to respond quickly to a phone call. Any product offerings must also distinguish themselves through great service. Most importantly, they need to help South Florida Computer Specialists carry through on its vision: “Ensuring technology is a help, not a hindrance”.

The managed services business model puts South Florida Computer Specialists at the forefront of a computer support trend focused on providing ongoing support, maintenance, and service rather than only showing  up to fix things when they break. As the company looked to expand its comprehensive range of products, South Florida Computer Specialists saw a lot of  potential for more growth in cloud solutions designed  for businesses that need best-in-class technology  solutions on a limited IT budget.

Green House Data cloud backup services seemed like a great way to start offering services in the cloud because it offered clients an easy, secure, and safe way to protect their data. Many clients wanted to move away from keeping everything on premise, as the practice opened the door for a lot of risk should disaster strike on-site. They were interested in moving towards hybrid solutions where they could put at least some of that data in the cloud.

In addition to backup, South Florida Computer Specialists offers Green House Data hosted e-mail  and cloud servers. Hosting cloud solutions in  geographically diverse locations is very appealing  to South Florida Computer Specialists’ customers,  who appreciate knowing that storing crucial business data offsite and out of the region makes it possible  to keep their critical systems going, even in the  midst of a hurricane.

A Competitive Edge

South Florida Computer Specialists has had great success with Green House Data solutions, helping to give the company a strong competitive edge.

“The amount of credibility these products bring to a small company like ours is just sensational,” said Gdovic.

He finds that the Green House Data portals provide a simple user interface to manage cloud backup and give him the ability to provide his customers with great looking reports.

Green House Data’s strong customer service is what sets South Florida Computer Specialists apart from the pack, however. When two of his toughest clients needed help, a Green House Data technician was willing to invest multiple hours to help them ensure systems were up and running. This was a breath of fresh air for Michael, whose past experience has included waiting three days for a  phone response to a service request ticket.

Incorporating the cloud into South Florida Computer Specialists’ business has been a success, and it didn’t involve a huge shift in business practices. Instead, the company is able to offer highly effective tools that mitigate loss and make IT services more manageable for employees and customers. With Green House Data, South Florida Computer Specialists opened the door to new opportunities.