Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Use a VMware hybrid cloud to securely extend your existing infrastructure without worrying about application compatibility or service provider lock-in.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Built on VMware IaaS

gBlock® hybrid cloud environments can link dedicated servers, separate clouds, failover sites for disaster recovery, on-premise data centers, and virtually any other infrastructure instance via on-demand VMware IaaS that delivers performance and scalability.

Whether your cloud deployments handle critical workloads, secondary applications, or recovery files, you'll be backed by a 100% uptime SLA and enthusiastic, knowledgeable engineers. Every hybrid cloud instance comes with standard services like monitoring tools and 24/7 support, with optional managed services available including load balancing, OS setup, and security audits. To learn more about hybrid IaaS, see the full list of gBlock Cloud features.

No matter which options you choose, you can free up your team and make your business priority number one. 

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Hybrid Cloud Features

  • Easy Setup

    Seamless vSphere integration allows single sign on management with vCloud Director

  • Complimentary Support

    Get 24/7/365 access to VMware experts, included in every cloud contract

  • Scalable

    Pay only for the resources used—extend to Green House Data infrastructure on-demand

  • Secure & Compliant

    SOC 1 and 2 and HIPAA audited data centers backed by top-tier cloud security

  • Highly Available

    Experience truly dependable infrastructure with a 100% uptime SLA

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Ways to Use Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud is the most adopted form of cloud IaaS for a reason: it works in concert with your existing infrastructure to add more computing power where and when you need it. Below are some common use cases for hybrid clouds, but if your goals are different, Green House Data can help you reach them with a custom design.


possible Hybrid Cloud configurations diagram

Legacy Applications Icon

Sometimes legacy applications must remain on dedicated servers but still require additional computing power. The hybrid cloud allows these applications to extend when necessary and scale back during slower times.

Lifecycle Management Icon
Lifecycle Management 

When older servers need to be cycled out, cloud servers make a low-cost and flexible addition to your existing server environment. Transition to 100% cloud piece-by-piece or only move the servers best suited for the cloud.

Stringent Compliance & Security Icon
Stringent Compliance & Security Regulations

Expand compute power while keeping the most sensitive information on-premise. Green House Data employs strict controls for HIPAA and PCI infrastructure compliance, offering added protection.

Peak Usage & Data Processing Icon
Peak Usage & Data Processing 

If you anticipate a temporary resource crunch, you can spin up some new virtual machines to handle the heavy lifting while your current servers continue to operate normally. A VMware hybrid cloud is ideal for big data processing, as your databases or object storage can reside in the cloud and link back to onsite data centers or other cloud environments.

E-commerce sites, news outlets or blogs, content management systems and seasonal sellers may experience traffic spikes that are difficult (and expensive) to manage. To accommodate peak times, the hybrid cloud offers scalable resources that protect against crashes that can lead to lost revenue.

Extend Your Data Center with a hybrid cloud solution Icon
Extend Your Data Center 

Moving to a new market or outgrowing an existing data center? A hybrid solution can deliver the resources you need at a fraction of the CapEx. You'll be up and running much faster than a data center build-out, too. You could add a new virtual data center in a new geographic region in just a few days.

Accelerate Time to Market Icon
AcceleratE Time to Market 

Build, develop, and test new applications, freeing up valuable compute resources for other areas of the business. The hybrid cloud helps ensure test and dev environments are readily available on an on-demand basis.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

VMware hybrid cloud technology allows you to connect your current vSphere infrastructure to the highly available, fully redundant Green House Data cloud. See the complete list of gBlock cloud features.

Single Plane of Management

vCloud Connector enables a single point for you to manage your entire cloud infrastructure, both on-premise and in the gBlock Cloud. With features like Unified View and Content Sync, you can access virtual machines, vApps, templates, and content across your entire hybrid IT infrastructure from one vSphere login.

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