Load Balancing as a Service

Choose virtual load balancing services to keep your backend performing at an optimal distribution of traffic 24/7/365.

Load Balancing Improves Performance and Availability of Your Infrastructure

Even if your service provider offers a cloud that is load-balanced, you may still want to consider virtual load balancing to monitor backend servers for optimal distribution of traffic. Compared to round-robin DNS or even appliance-based load balancers, virtual load balancer algorithms improve business continuity through higher availability. 

Virtual load balancers are intelligently architected autonomous software that ensures the use of all deployed resources, eliminates single points of failure, monitors back-end servers for optimal distribution, and scales predictively and dynamically. Features include:

Green House Data has partnered with an outside company to offer a software-based virtual load balancer that leverages a unique active proxy to avoid single points of failure and provide better availability.

New proxies are added automatically as demand requires, scaling to keep your servers highly available with low latency. Virtual load balancing is ideal for:

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