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Join the cloud revolution and move your servers to scalable multi-tenant cloud infrastructure powered by VMware and backed by round-the-clock customer support.

Dependable Public Cloud with Better Support

Multi-tenant cloud hosting from Green House Data allows you the freedom to innovate and deploy secure cloud instances without the hassle of maintaining physical servers and network infrastructure. The result is a scalable and resilient public cloud hosting environment that responds rapidly to fast-changing business requirements and workloads.

Every cloud service at Green House Data includes 24/7 Hear from a Human℠ support. For issues big and small, turn to our team to supplement your own knowledge and abilities so your organization always has the IT tools for success.

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  • Secure

    Built-in security including vShield™ & Trend Micro Deep Security

  • Available

    100% SLAs plus advanced firewalls & load balancing services

  • Integrated Backup

    Fault tolerance, disaster recovery, & site recovery

  • Support

    24/7 access to techs with guaranteed response times

  • Premium Bandwidth

    Carrier neutral with 10 - 100 Gbps Connectivity

How Does The gBlock Cloud Work?

The gBlock® Public Cloud services from Green House Data provide you with virtual servers including vCPU, vRAM, and vStorage that behave in the same manner as physical server infrastructure. You access your Virtual Data Center (VDC) via public internet or VPN and control it through an online portal. 

The public cloud comes in two different flavors: Self-Service and Managed, but you can also add à la carte managed services to your self-service cloud. Both offer premium-grade cloud infrastructure, online management with vCloud Director, complimentary monitoring tools, advanced firewalls, load balancing, and more.

If you are one of many organizations that is already virtualized with VMware, you are one step closer to getting more from your critical applications in a hosted multi-tenant, VMware-powered cloud environment. 


Compute Resources

Public Cloud Hosting from Green House DataEach virtual machine is assigned a vCPU that is delivered dynamically from the pool of available physical CPUs (1.9 Ghz Intel processors). A single customer VDC can support up to 64 vCPUs. It is possible to hot add or delete vCPUs without downtime.

vRAM is also delivered dynamically from our overall pool of public memory, with a maximum per VDC of 1 TB of vRAM. Memory is also dynamically scalable.

Cloud storage for virtual machines is tied to a datastore, which is hosted on our gBlock storage platform. gBlock is available in a variety of performance configurations. Your VDC can also be tied to file and/or object storage for specific applications. You can expand your storage as needed without downtime.


Software Compatibility & Support

VDCs typically host a Guest Operating System and/or third party applications. Green House Data can preinstall your guest OS when requested and offers a variety of template machines ready to go. You are not required to use our licensing, but your OS must be compatible with VMware. Compatible Guest Operating systems include:

  • Apple
  • CoreOS
  • Microsoft
  • Serenity Systems
  • Asianux
  • Debian
  • Novell
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Canonical
  • FreeBSD
  • Suse
  • CentOS
  • IBM
  • Red Hat
  • Turbolinux
  • Oracle
  • China Standard
    Software Company
  • Mandriva
  • SCO
  • VMware

Green House Data offers template VMs with Windows, Linux, and CentOS. These options are fully supported by our customer service team. Additional software support is included for Avamar, Veeam, Zerto, CA Nimsoft, Ubersmith, and Trend-Micro applications when they are in use.

Green House Data can also provide licensing for the following applications:

  • cPanel WHM
  • Microsoft SharePoint Standard
  • Office 365 Exchange Annual
  • VMware vSphere vRAM
  • OpenVPN Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Standard
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition
  • Windows Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Office Standard
  • Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Oracle Standard Edition One w/Support


Find out more about the Green House Data services that come with or complement the gBlock Public Cloud:

Green House Data's facility security

Facility Security

Green House Data's Network Information

Network Information

Green House Data's Managed Firewall Services

Managed Firewall

Green House Data's Hear From a Human Technical Support

Hear From a Human


Control your cloud without a middleman. Visibility and monitoring tools alongside vCloud Director enable your administration of VDC resources including:

Complimentary White Paper

When to Avoid AWS & Commodity Cloud

Costs can pile up if you aren't using AWS for the right scenarios. Download this white paper to learn more.


vCloud API

APIs in vCloud Director 5.5 are extensible platforms that allow users programmatic access to provisioning and management controls. Developers can write applications to manage virtualized resources in-house and then bridge to Green House Data cloud infrastructure. The API supports both upload and download, customization, and deployment of vApps. 

In addition, the API provides support for developer-built clients using the representational state transfer application development style (RESTful). The API clients and vCloud Director servers communicate over HTTP.

Using the vCloud API, user input influences creative cloud management solutions. Examples of how some of our customers use the vCloud API:


vCloud Connector

VMware's vCloud Connector makes hybrid cloud hosting a breeze.

Easily and securely connect enterprise vSphere clouds with the gBlock public cloud using vCloud Connector and manage the resulting hybrid cloud environment via one single interface.

The VMware vCloud Connector facilitates the migration of virtual machines across various data centers and/or clouds, allowing users to view, conduct operations, and move resources between vSphere and vCloud Director in both public and private cloud environments.

vCloud Connector Features:


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Billing Options

  Pay as You Go Allocation
Billing Cycle: Hourly, billed monthly Monthly
Cost: $$ $
Contract Term: No contract, cancel anytime Annual contract terms apply
Dynamically Add Resources: Add vCPU, RAM, and/or storage as needed via vCloud administration tools Add vCPU, RAM, and/or storage as needed within contract limits.
vCloud Director: Yes Yes
vCloud Connector: Yes Yes
Great For: Test & Development, Disaster Recovery, Seasonal Spikes, QA Email and Application Databases, Production Servers

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