Fast Fiber Access To Data Centers Across the Nation

Carrier hotels are sizable facilities that provide a secure physical site for data to converge and be interconnected. Numerous service, carrier, and network providers come together in a single location to minimize overhead and optimize for efficient communication between them and their customers while offering robust security and environmental controls, a large variety of redundant network connections, and simple connections to internet crossroads. 

East Coast Carrier Hotels

The 1 Ramland facility in Orangeburg, NY has fiber connections to multiple carrier hotels within the tri-state region. This allows for quick and easy access to the variety of carriers, services, and connections present in those data centers without the cost of colocating in them.

Carrier Hotel: 60 Hudson Street




Carrier Hotel: 111 Eighth Avenue111 Eighth avenue, NYC

Carrier Hotel: 165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ165 Halsey street, Newark


West Coast Carrier Hotel

Carrier Hotel: Westin Building Exchange, Seattle, WAOur Seattle data center is located within the Westin Building Exchange, which is the third largest carrier hotel in North America. 

Find out more about the WBX, and get the facility details here

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