How do I assign a public IP to my server?

If you are using the Routed network connection on your VM, you will need setup a NAT rule that maps the internal IP address of your server to an address in your public IP allocations.

Follow these steps to setup a NAT rule:

1. Click on the Administration tab from your cloud interface.
2. Open up the Virtual Datacenter where your network exists, and click the “Org VDC Networks” Tab.  
3. Then right-click on the network and select “Configure Services”. 
4. On the “NAT” tab you will be able to create rules to give your machine public access. 

To create a one-to-one NAT rule for a machine, setup both a source (SNAT) and destination (DNAT) rule to map traffic in each direction.  To allow the entire internal subnet internet access, create Source NAT rule specifying the internal subnet as the source, and one of your available IPs as the destination.  Ports can also be specified in the NAT rules to direct specific ports of a public IP across multiple internal IPs if desired.

Public IPs can be viewed by checking the properties of the edge device on the Edge Gateways screen, and selecting the “Sub-Allocate IPs” tab.