How can I migrate VMs from my existing environment to the cloud platform?

vCloud Director has a built-in uploader feature that allows you to import virtual machines in OVF/OVA format into the cloud environment.  Virtual machines can be exported to directly to OVF/OVA format from most virtual platforms. 

Before you export your virtual machine, please check the following best practices to ensure maximum compatibility upon import:

All snapshots should be removed from the Virtual Machine

All media should be removed and devices disconnected (including ISO's and USB devices)

Your virtual hardware version must be supported.

As of this writing, Green House Data supports hardware version 7, 8 and 9.

VM Export Procedures:

ESXi, vSphere, VMware Workstation and Fusion:  Exports can be done directly through the client by clicking File > Export to OVF/OVA. 

Physical Machines:  We recommend using the vCenter Converter Standalone to virtualize a physical machine. Download the vCenter Converter Standalone.

VM Import Procedures:

Once a machine is in OVF/OVA format, it can be imported directly into the catalog using the Java-based web uploader found inside of your local catalogs.

Alternative Methods:

vCloud Connector is a server/node appliance combination that automates the process of exporting and importing from one vCenter or vCloud environment to another. This configuration takes more time to initially setup, but can save time when moving multiple machines. Read more information or download vCloud Connector

Please contact Green House Data support if you have any questions or need any assistance using any of the above methods.