How do I use public media and templates in my VMware environment?

If you don’t already have a catalog created, you’ll need to do so by going to the Catalogs tab of your cloud environment and clicking the green plus sign to launch the New Catalog wizard.

To upload your own templates and media to your catalog, navigate to the Catalogs tab of your cloud interface, and on the left-hand menu click “My Organization’s Catalogs”. On the right-hand view you will see two tabs named “vApp Templates” and “Media”. Each of these tabs contain an Upload button resembling a hard drive with a green up arrow, which will allow you to select and upload files located on your local machine.

There is also a public catalog available that is pre-populated with media and templates of popular operating systems.  This can be accessed by choosing “Public Catalogs” from the left hand side of your Catalogs screen.  Please note that if you’d like to use our public media, it must be first copied to your local catalog before it can be attached to a virtual machine.  This can be done using the right-click context menu on the media.