Industry Solutions: Accounting

Run accounting software and productivity apps in the cloud with the protection of high-end security and compliance regulations.

How The Cloud Can Help

Running accounting software from the cloud can improve workflow and reduce operational costs with easier updates and faster performance. Instead of relying on personal computers, individual licenses, and insecure transfer methods, cloud accounting software enables a central location for all data.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software:

  • Quick implementation: systems can be scaled up or decommissioned at will
  • Multi-user support and access from mobile or desktop
  • Single, centralized storage of all data, accounts, and info
  • Integrated backup and disaster recovery
  • Little to no hardware or maintenance: let Green House Data handle the infrastructure

Traditional accounting applications are updated by multiple users from various devices, with data bouncing from location to location via USB or e-mail rather than stored in a single location. In some cases, only one user can access information at any given time.

Green House Data and cloud accounting software can help your company avoid a growth plateau, where your company has outgrown its current capacity but lacks the resources to invest in the software, hardware, and employees you need.


cloud hosting for accounting

Your firm may not have the time or expertise to keep systems up to date and secure. A managed cloud offers you the latest security updates, software upgrades, and network monitoring, allowing you to focus on crunching numbers without worrying about your infrastructure.

If your firm experiences an unforeseen event like a natural disaster, your information and data are stored safely and securely offsite so there will be no downtime or loss for your company. As soon as you gain access to the Internet you will be up and running again.



Peachtree, Quickbooks, and MAS 90 are some examples of cloud accounting software applications that can run in a cloud environment or pair with virtual desktop infrastructure, helping you consolidate and secure business applications and data in a controlled environment, while also eliminating local IT costs. So say goodbye to hardware procurement costs, network setup and maintenance fees, software installation/upgrade fees, and up-front license fees.

Virtual desktop as a service allows you to deploy individual desktops delivered from the cloud, preinstalled with accounting software and productivity tools like Office. Virtual desktops are processed entirely in the cloud, so you don’t need to buy expensive new computers for every user. Software and system maintenance is simplified with a single update for all desktops in a group.



Specific to accounting, Green House Data has demonstrated the formation of effective control policies and procedures in order to obtain certification with SSAE 18 (SOC 1 and 2). Under SOC 1, we have established our relevant internal controls over financial reporting. The SOC 2 report recognizes that our system is protected from both physical and logical unauthorized access, ensuring that the information designated as confidential is protected per agreed upon terms. It is available for operation and use, and the system’s processing is complete, accurate, timely, and authorized. The personal information that is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and disposed of is done so in conformity with the commitment terms and criteria set forth in the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles.

In addition to SSAE 18 Type II requirements, Green House Data maintains HIPAA compliance and has regulatory policies and procedures in place in order for customers to achieve PCI DSS, SOX, or GLB compliance standards.

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