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Cloud technology can serve the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries.

Fix Your Storage Problem With the Cloud

Many within the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industries use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure from concept through completion. Typically, everyone involved has access to the integrated database, improving collaboration, productivity, and insight, while also being extremely resource intensive, which requires a highly available infrastructure.

Since the 1970’s, the AEC industry has been using shared servers in much the same way the cloud is used today, yet, modern cloud technology can still help improve collaboration and project visibility.




If your BIM software is not linked to the cloud, you can run into a major lack of storage space. With data stored on personal computers, storage space fills up quickly, requiring decisions to be made as to what can stay and what needs to go. Cloud storage can retain every version of the model’s development, instead of merely the final draft.

Use the cloud to store analysis data, issue tracking reports and emails, scan existing buildings, and store real-time occupancy data. Employees throughout your company can access BIM software and data on a multitude of devices from anywhere with no risk to security. If you have an employee who needs to be on-site, they can access the information they need from either their laptop or mobile device, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Unlocking big data in the cloud lets you analyze and uncover hidden trends you might not know about. With all of your models stored in one easily accessible location, you are able to analyze an entire collection of models, see how they develop over time, and set up an alert system for when a model drifts outside of its normal boundaries.

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With the scalability of the cloud, your company can easily expand or reduce your storage space when needed. Green House Data can easily scale back your provisioned resources during slow periods like the holidays.



One concern you might have about running BIM software in the cloud is latency, or how much time it takes for data to get from one designated point to another.

data center locations map

It’s true that latency can cause even simple tasks like opening, transferring, closing, or saving project files to take a painful amount of your time, leading to worker frustration, decreased productivity, and increased project costs.

However, 100 Gigabit per second fiber connections, infrastructure for location-specific workloads, and carrier redundancy mean latency is no longer an issue, so you can stop waiting for data to buffer and get on with your work.

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