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Take the pressure off of aging or stressed on-premise IT infrastructure. 

IaaS for Education

With the daily challenge of maximizing resources for every dollar spent, cloud hosting is an ideal solution for IT departments in educational institutions.

Cloud infrastructure can be used for many education applications, including:

  • Web-based classes and testing
  • Processing of research data
  • Migrating away from paper file systems
  • Increasing collaboration between instructors and students alike
  • Shared resources like software and education materials
  • Online assessments and portals
  • Digital libraries
  • MOOCs

Why Choose a Cloud for Education?

Maintain Security of Personal Information

Simplify the business of administration by putting student databases in the cloud. Protect sensitive student, teacher, and staff information with stringent security measures. Our cloud meets many compliance standards, so you know your data is safe.

Free Up Your IT Staff

Managed infrastructure is a serious time saver, and time is money. Even large institutions may often have relatively small IT departments, and these teams benefit the most from a service provider. Bundling managed services into a public, private, or hybrid IaaS deployment can be like expanding the team without increasing FTE headcount.

Easily Increase Resources

IaaS is uniquely flexible and scalable. Increase resources with a few clicks of the mouse—it's that easy. The cloud can also be used for education itself, with virtual machines for programming or testing and development environments. As more universities and colleges offer online courses, cloud hosting makes it easy for students to learn and test remotely, without significant capital expenditure or time-consuming management.

If your organization is outgrowing your current data center or other on-premise installation, consider increasing resources with IaaS, for minimal management.

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