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Cloud infrastructure provides a dynamic, secure, and compliant solution that dramatically reduces the challenges faced by financial organizations.

Maintain Compliance & Improve Customer Confidence

With economic growth uncertain, mounting consumer distrust, and ever-increasing regulations, it is difficult to maintain a healthy bottom line while improving consumer confidence in your offerings. Consumers have become a very tech-savvy group, and they demand instant access to information, products, and services through all of their devices, mobile or otherwise. This can be challenging to deliver while maintaining compliance with financial regulations.



The Connectivity & Reliability Modern Traders Need

With hundreds of financial transactions occurring every second, downtime or dropped network packets translate into a real monetary impact on your organization. 

Green House Data can deliver low latencies to your primary markets through nationwide data centers, including access to dozens of fiber carriers and content providers in Seattle, or proximity to Manhattan at the Orangeburg, NY facility.

If you already have a highly redundant primary data center tailored around your financial systems, you can also take advantage of our resilient disaster recovery services including office space and work areas.



compliance standards shield

Your industry is faced with state regulations and federal compliance standards, like the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank). A relatively newer federal regulation, Dodd-Frank was a legislative response to the poor regulatory oversight that resulted in the Great Recession; the purpose is to promote financial stability in the United States by increasing accountability and transparency in the industry. This became the most significant change to financial regulation in the United States since the Great Depression.

Other compliance standards that affect your industry are Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and Basel II & III, which provide stricter financial governance and increase recording and reporting requirements. Basel III sees that the financial industry regulations will forever be evolving, and requires a high degree of scalability in order to support those future changes.

Green House Data achieves regulatory and industry compliance standards by pairing stringent internal policies with third-party external audits, resulting in HIPAA and SSAE 18 (SOC 1 and 2) compliance, while qualifying for PCI-DSS, GLB, and SOX. Your compliance needs will be met.

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With cloud computing you will have the ability to run more powerful analytics, like risk management, market-to-market, “what if” scenarios, and credit risk management calculations, and deploy new applications without inadequate storage, slow run-time worries or the need for investing in new hardware.

A scalable cloud allows for expanding and contracting storage when needed, which saves you money with a Pay-As-You-Go cost structure. Scalability also helps with bursting during peak or seasonal times. A sudden increase in traffic can cause your website or application to shut down; however, with the cloud you keep your site operational during any scheduled or unplanned spikes in demand for computing, network, and storage resources.

Disaster recovery is also a hot topic issue that the cloud can help with. You will have a variety of data replication and recovery applications to choose from while receiving the best custom solution for your environment.



hybrid cloud diagram

A hybrid cloud is a combination of at least one private cloud and one public cloud that are bound together, but remain unique entities. This helps your business achieve agility by being able to move workloads between clouds. You can also quickly and easily scale your cloud environment, and simplify management.

VMware powered cloud solutions give you the ability to move beyond the limitations of the one-cloud-fits-all approach, allowing you to concentrate on your company’s individual needs.



Virtual desktops are processed entirely in the cloud and the service allows you to deploy individual desktops that are preinstalled with your financial software and productivity tools. The days of purchasing expensive new computers for every user are over.

Virtual desktop as a service provides a cloud platform that can be up and running in no time, as opposed to using existing infrastructure that can lead to delayed deployment. It ensures security settings, antivirus/antimalware tools, and productivity software are deployed to all users.

With VDI or Desktop as a Service, all your data is stored remotely, reducing your risk of a data breach from mobile devices or a hacking event.

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