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Cloud infrastructure as a service provides a dynamic, secure, and compliant solution that dramatically reduces the challenges faced by financial organizations.

Private Clouds Improve Customer Experience While Maintaining Compliance

As consumers become ever more tech savvy and demand instant access to information, products, and services through all of their devices, mobile or otherwise, legacy industries like banking and finance face incredible pressure.

In addition, navigating compliance can add another layer of complexity to mobile application development or systems migration.

Private clouds allow banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to safeguard their reputations and their customer's information while still delivering on customer expectations.  In addition, private clouds help to manage risks and protect assets while providing a platform with greater agility and often at a lower cost. 

Private Cloud Uses

From Regulation E to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), financial institutions must pass a high bar when it comes to compliance. 

Green House Data achieves regulatory and industry compliance standards by pairing stringent internal policies with third-party external audits, resulting in HIPAA and SSAE 18 (SOC 1 and 2) compliance, while qualifying for PCI-DSS.

In addition to compliance, private cloud computing gives you the ability to run more powerful analytics, like risk management, market-to-market, “what if” scenarios, and credit risk management calculations, and deploy new applications without inadequate storage, slow run-time worries or the need for investing in new hardware.

A scalable cloud allows for expanding and contracting storage when needed, which saves you money with a Pay-As-You-Go cost structure. Scalability also helps with bursting during peak or seasonal times. A sudden increase in traffic can cause your website or application to shut down; however, cloud models  keep you operational during any scheduled or unplanned spikes in demand for computing, network, and storage resources

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