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Secure, available, and audit-ready IT infrastructure for the public sector.

IT Infrastructure Tailored to Government

Local government—whether city, state, or county—face complex application environments and an increased demand for IT resiliency. IT departments are being charged with consolidating their  infrastructure in order to respond to budget pressure while simultaneously improving service levels of government systems and applications.

As the public sector shifts to more dynamic infrastructure, employees and constituents must experience a seamless transition, all while ensuring the safety and security of sensitive information. 

Is private cloud hosting,  colocation, managed hosting, or a hybrid solution right for your organization or department?

Security for Government

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The public sector must be especially diligent in defending sophisticated attempts at attacking data. Yet, governments must also remain transparent, accessible, and meet citizen service delivery initiatives.

Physical Access. The only people who have access to your infrastructure are the ones who absolutely need it. At Green House Data, passwords are changed regularly on all our systems, and every single employee goes through security awareness training. Learn more about the security of cloud hosting.

System Access. Multi- or two-factor authentication, sometimes called 2FA, requires users to have credentials beyond just a single password. Security levels can be set by roles. 

Compliance. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Facilities meet most of the standards set forth and are annually certified for SSAE 18 (SOC 1 and 2) and HIPAA compliance. If you process transactions, we can help you meet the infrastructure requirements for PCI. 

Physical Security. Every facility employs security cameras throughout the perimeter and interior that are manned 24/7. Physical access requires a key card, PIN code, and biometric identification. Interlocking vestibules around data rooms provide an additional security layer. Locking pods and private pods available.

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Advantages of Outsourced Infrastructure

Procurement. As the public sector increasingly modernizes and government IT organizations lead transformations, procurement offices are evolving. We can help you work with yours, providing documentation as necessary.

The gBlock Cloud®. Traditional dedicated servers often waste up to 90% of their capacity, simply because they don't offer scalability. In this model, you cannot expand your infrastructure at your own pace; you have to make a significant investment up front, then grow into your physical servers. At Green House Data, you are only billed for the resources you use. You can ramp your servers up and down, in real-time. No more paying for, waiting for, and provisioning new equipment of which you may only need a fraction. Learn more about the flexibility of the gBlock Cloud

Big data. Big data enables the collection, compilation, and analyzation of data, which is very useful for policy writers and decision makers. Vast databases require specialized storage technologies. Green House Data can help you set up and manage a scalable environment for data. Available options include object storage and hybrid cloud, allowing you to use cloud resources for database administration or batch processing while linking it to on-premise assets. 

Dedicated support. 24/7 front-line support access plus a full suite of managed services means your IT dollars go further and your IT staff is supplemented in all the right ways. 

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