Industry Solutions: Insurance

Get the infrastructure you need to power your insurance organization while maintaining compliance standards.  

Analyzing risk, transferring risk, mitigating potential loss, and paying for damages is part of the essence of your business. Green House Data is aware that in order for you to invest in a new product or service, you need to see that the benefits outweigh the risk.

Custom infrastructure from Green House Data offers:

  • Scalable storage for an enormous amount of data, including unstructured data
  • Cost-effective platforms for developing analytics models and reports
  • 24/7 access to applications, data, support staff, and backups
  • Big data platforms and performance database storage
  • Bolt-on managed services and disaster recovery


 Insurors face a number of challenges, such as achieving profitable results during a time of reduced premiums, increased loss activity, lower investment income, and an ever intensifying increase in competitive market pressures.

In order to access fresh markets and accommodate customer demand, the products and pricing you offer must be competitive, agile, and comprehensive. To top it all off, you have increasingly burdensome regulatory requirements, like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which create a need for systems and data that are as secure as they are reliable.


Cloud computing can boost your financial flexibility, reduce IT ownership and operating costs, enhance response to market change, and handle peaks in demand at a lower cost and effort to you. This service enables easier and cheaper deployment of new operations, applications, and collaborative partnerships.

Cloud infrastructure can allow all employees access to applications when and where they need them. Customer relationship management software (CRM) or client management systems (CMS), VoIP phone systems, and databases can all run on cloud servers.

The cloud also helps create and store big data that can be leveraged with powerful, universal analytics. Big-data analysis can offer up new ways to personalize customer interaction and policies based on past activity, helping agencies attract and retain customers.


data center security cameraPersonal information provided by a customer or consumer to a financial institution as a result of a transaction with that consumer/customer, or that is otherwise obtained by the institution, is considered to be non-public personal information.  This is considered personally identifiable financial information and needs to be secure and confidential.

The GLBA is one of the most robust federal information privacy and security laws; it limits disclosure and use of customer information and imposes a security rule for covered information by financial institutions and most insurance agents and brokers. Title V of the GLBA enacts specific legislation regarding the privacy of an individual’s personal financial information, and you must meet four of its basic requirements:

HIPAA controls the handling of customer medical records and information. Green House Data is independently audited for compliance with HIPAA protocols and regulations, and our infrastructure and protocols qualify for PCI-DSS, GLBA, and SOX compliance.

Not all  insurors are the same or have the same requirements. We will work with you to provide fully customized products to best fit your particular needs.

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