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Whether you choose cloud, a colocated server, or managed services, never lose access to vital documents, applications, or legal records with offsite hosted IT infrastructure.

Secure & Reliable IT Hosting for Law Firms

Storing data and applications off-site can be an intimidating venture in the legal industry. You have a professional obligation that requires a more advanced level of privacy and confidentiality with client data than most industries demand. 

  • Security to protect your confidential information
  • Customized cloud, colocation, or hybrid solutions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fully managed virtual desktops
  • Backup and disaster recovery options

utilize Green House Data for the legal industryThe American Bar Association and state bar associations have determined that it is ethical for lawyers to use cloud computing in their law practices; however, section 60 of the Restatement (Third) of the Law Governing Lawyers (2000) requires that you do not use or disclose confidential client information and that you take reasonable steps to protect such information from impermissible use or disclosure.

Some cloud computing services have provisions in their user agreements allowing access to user information or data or even to disclose information to third parties. Not Green House Data. We're here to tailor your IT infrastructure to uphold your responsibility to client confidentiality.


Easy to scale up and down as your practice changes, cloud storage can keep your case files accessible from anywhere, anytime. Use it on its own or tie it together with hosted Exchange for a complete eDiscovery solution.

Backup or Disaster Recovery

Your data and files must be protected from destruction or degradation, such as system failure, natural disasters, or dissolution of vendor’s business. Backup and disaster recovery services can guarantee that during unforeseen scenarios, your data will continue to be safe and secure, with only brief (or no) downtime. Almost everyone has experienced that heart-sinking moment when your computer crashes and your files are never to be seen again. With the cloud that fear is eliminated. If your computer happens to crash, your files will still be safe and sound in the cloud where you can gain access to them as soon as you locate a device with Internet access.

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There is also the added peace of mind that can be offered through a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI is a customizable, centralized-approach to a desktop for your computer, which allows many different users, on many different devices to locate and access the same information easily. In larger law firms there are a variety of employees, such as partners, paralegals, and administrative personnel, all of which need to have access to universally up-to-date information. VDI can make that easy by offering you a controlled environment where you can manage, secure, and backup data.

Green House Data can build you that environment, separate from your devices personal setup, where your work can get done without anyone or anything messing with your system and content. This kind of service can help you and your staff keep work with work and play with play. If you were to contract a computer virus while on your personal desktop, your company's data would remain safe because the VDI is completely segmented from the user's computer. Thus, it assures security when employees use personal devices to connect to the company's virtual desktop.

Let’s say your work laptop is stolen, not only is the VDI login protected, but you also have the capability to wipe that laptop from access. It’s a lot like the system used with login websites for streaming movies, where you can decide which machines (computer, laptop, gaming system) can access your account, and if you don’t recognize a device or you no longer want that device to have access, it can easily be removed. VDI allows you to manage any lost or stolen scenarios simply and efficiently, without risk of having your data stolen as well. 

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