Industry Solutions: Manufacturing

Get a custom environment that supports your operations for maximum productivity, instead of tying up capital in IT infrastructure.

Streamline Manufacturing Operations

Many manufacturing organizations have discovered that hosted IT infrastructure is an alternative to in-house data centers or data cabinets. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and other SaaS applications can streamline even the leanest business, allowing your experts to focus on what you do best—making great products.

Cloud & OUTSOURCED I.T. can help manufacturers:

  • Reach the market more quickly
  • Take advantage of accurate, real-time information
  • Facilitate communication between geographically diverse teams
  • Manage risk across the organization
  • Increase customer support levels
  • Reduce IT costs and scale resources on demand

How Does the Cloud Help Manufacturers?

cloud manufacturing diagramThe “Internet of Things” and Supply Chain Management (SCM) tools enable companies to track every component from its source to the final product. Tag every piece of your product to harvest big data—and then use that data to improve your operations. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SCM allow incredible levels of data tracking and product visibility, facilitating communication between the factory floor, purchasing, supply chain, engineering, and customer service.

Migrate your existing SaaS applications or deploy custom apps developed with your operations in mind. Run the platform of your choice and experience the efficiency of the cloud. React to problems faster, or better yet, predict them before they happen. Manage risks by keeping an eye on your entire organization, and rest assured, knowing your cloud hosting is fully secure.

Scalability means you can easily provision extra resources. When your engineers need more computing power for large scale product development simulations, or customer support needs increased resources to handle inquiries during a product rollout, you'll be able to add virtual machines easily and at low cost.

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Why Choose Green House Data?

Instead of investing in expensive infrastructure, let our technicians create the perfect environment while you focus on analyzing data for better manufacturing practices. 

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