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Protect your data from breaches while scaling IT resources to meet spikes in customer demand. Read how Green House Data has helped real-world retail businesses with their IT challenges.

Consumers have high expectations for seamless retail and shopping experiences. The revolution in consumer technology, e-commerce, and social networking has caused significant shifts in shopping behavior and demand for real-time, personalized offers based on specific location and buying habits.

Cloud hosting can help retailers stay agile while providing the information customers need where and when they want it. It lowers IT costs by decreasing hardware ownership and the amount of IT equipment located in-store. Plus, it can actually increase security, despite concerns over high-profile data leaks. Features:

  • Security that can protect your customer’s confidential financial information
  • Single, centralized storage of all data
  • Setup to streamline operations with up-to-date, real time company data
  • An improved and upgraded overall customer experience
  • Platform to deploy big data applications
  • Customized and scaled infrastructure
  • Little to no hardware or maintenance costs


The cloud can improve business outcomes by enhancing speed to market, accelerating innovation, lowering costs, and advancing business agility and customer-engagement levels. 

Cloud computing can help you connect with consumers by delivering a seamless customer experience. The cloud can also help you manage inventory levels, pricing strategies, and create analytics to better compare and forecast how your business is progressing.

A cloud environment is ideal for eCommerce, and Green House Data supplements your IT team with available managed load balancing, Security as a Service, and a connectivity blend of providers that ensures your customers can always order the products they need.

Retail Management Software, including inventory, workforce, CRM (customer relationship management) and POS (Point of Sale), can be paired with the cloud to provide a single, centralized location for all of your data. It can retain real time information on stock levels including UPC lookups, customizable SKUs, and loss prevention while driving successful marketing initiatives through CRM. Workforce management software can be used to set schedules, control labor costs, improve productivity, and minimize compliance risk. Point of Sale systems allow you to analyze sales data, maintain a sales history, and improve pricing accuracy. With all of this information stored in one location, powerful analytics platforms can deliver business insight.

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The retail industry has thousands of different software programs, and all of them require massive amounts of data. With heavy usage at various points of the day and less at night, a scalable cloud solution allows for growth or reduction in storage right along with your infrastructure needs. This way you only pay for what you use, and you can combat those seasonal or unexpected spikes in business without risk to your system or budget.

Bursting occurs when the traffic capacity for your applications or website have surpassed what they can handle; this can cause slow load times or even completely shut down. However, bursting into the cloud gives you the ability to launch resources as needed to meet application demands, and never worry about possible outages again.

Along with burstability and scalability comes a lower total cost of ownership, as you no longer need to purchase IT equipment at a store or regional level. Properly architected cloud systems can deliver your essential retail application nationwide, simplifying management and eliminating much of your IT spend.


SECURITY and compliance

With 24/7 monitoring, the presence of additional expertise and more resources spent specifically on security, a hosted cloud service actually provides a far more secure and controlled environment than on-site infrastructure.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) creates additional levels of protection for credit and debit card users by requiring that merchants meet minimum levels of security when they store, process and transmit cardholder information. Green House Data is experienced in customizing secure environments to help businesses stay compliant with various regulatory standards.

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