Comprehensive IT Operations Management

Let our expert systems administrators, engineers, and analysts handle the day-to-day management of your cloud infrastructure to ensure stability and performance of your critical IT assets.

All Inclusive Server Management for Your Cloud Environment

Instead of picking and choosing from various managed server offerings, add simple, all-inclusive IT Operations management to your cloud environment for a complete solution that ensures your servers and applications remain stable, available, and functioning at high performance levels.

Available for the gBlock Cloud or Azure

Wherever you host your IT applications, we can help manage them, with a certified staff of VMware and Azure experts ready to take time-consuming server management tasks off your hands.

Comprehensive IT Operations Include:

  • System Deployment & Configuration

  • Monitoring & Notifications

  • Patch Management

  • Server Management

  • Firewall Management

They have a very supportive team, and are really responsive. In addition they understood what we were trying to accomplish in terms of performance and scalability without trying to push us to overspend.


Green House Data can manage as much or as little of your IT operations as you require, billing based on the number of systems in scope or as a percentage of your monthly cloud spend.

This is a hands-on engagement that will require input and regular touchpoints with your designated contact and key IT stakeholders. Green House Data assigns a dedicated Project Manager to all-inclusive IT Operations clients to facilitate regular communication, updates, and any preferences for operations like update windows, patch versions, or AV tools.

All-inclusive IT Operations services include the following managed services components for your cloud environment:

System Deployment and Configuration

Ready to spin up some new VMs? We’ll take care of that for you, deploying your virtual server within your environment and configuring it based on your requirements for vCPU, memory, and attached storage.

System configuration also includes the installation of a base operating system as specified, updating and patching the OS, and applying industry best practices for security and server configuration. Your new server will be security hardened and ready to use.


Monitoring and Notifications

Our 24/7 Global Service Center monitors your system and escalates any potential issues to your contacts and our engineering staff if something is affecting the health of your Windows or Linux servers.

Monitoring is performed based on configurable thresholds for the following items:


System Patching

Whenever your servers have new patches available, patch management services from Green House Data include their installation and verification.

Patching windows and any required reboots are coordinated with the customer throughout the patch implementation process. You’ll be notified a minimum of one week in advance of any upcoming patch installations and can opt-out or change the maintenance timing.

When possible, Global Service Center administrators will also perform a snapshot of your VM prior to patching.


Server Management

Comprehensive server management includes several of the above services such as OS patching and system monitoring. It also adds the following services, representing a significant value over purchasing each managed service individually:

If you do not have your own backup or anti-malware solution for Green House Data to manage on your behalf, you must purchase them in addition to your IT Operations and cloud services.


Firewall Management

Maintain network security with managed firewall services as part of your IT Operations service package. Our staff will deploy and provide ongoing management and monitoring of your virtual or physical firewall solution, whether they are used in a cloud environment, at a Green House Data facility, or on your premises.

Supported firewalls include:

Green House Data does not feel like a vendor. They are part of our team, and they help us stay both operationally and strategically efficient.

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