Managed Security Services

Managed security services provide an effective and cost-efficient method for managing information security risk and meeting governance and compliance requirements.  

Security Peace of Mind for Your Enterprise Technology

Dynamic Application Security Testing, Endpoint Protection, Phishing Testing and Training, Security Information and Event Management, and Vulnerability Assessments from Green House Data form a complete IT information security portfolio to help you keep your critical systems safe from infiltration, theft, or malicious shutdowns due to malware or ransomware.

Avoid damage to your brand, expenses related to compliance or governance enforcement, and loss of productivity due to downtime by training your users and stakeholders, adding monitoring and remediation tools, and eliminating vulnerabilities across your cloud-hosted and on premise IT infrastructure.

Managed Security Services Include

  • Endpoint Protection

    Protect against vulnerabilities both server-side and at user devices

  • User Testing & Training

    Educate your users to avoid phishing and targeted attacks

  • Regular Reporting

    Receive comprehensive reports on your infosec posture

  • Essential Security Tools

    Anti-virus, anti-malware, ransomware protection, firewalls, and encryption

  • Dynamic Testing and Live Response

    Our live agents help scan and respond to incidents

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Managed SIEM services from Green House Data follow a digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) hierarchy of needs methodology. Features include the management of audit log collection and audit agents, monitoring and response for IT security risks, incident response, and threat intelligence.

We create processes and technical controls throughout your entire IT environment based on the following areas:

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Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) is a method of security testing for applications (usually public facing web apps) from outside your network or the host environment.

Green House Data DAST services use black-box methods to examine common attack vectors such as the OWASP Top 10 and determine if your apps have any existing vulnerabilities. Services include:

We provide troubleshooting assistance with any scan issues from our Global Service Center, as well as scheduling and creating new monthly scans and reporting their discoveries.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection guards your workloads where they live: on servers, workstations, and end user devices. We'll help you enable defense-in-depth security controls at the host level, including an array of anti-malware and anti-virus tools, firewalls, and detection and response tools.

Components of Green House Data's managed endpoint protection services include:

As a whole, these solutions can detect new and unknown malware as well as index against known threats, prevent ransomware by stopping and rolling back attempted malicious encryption, and deny common exploit techniques.

Built-in web security features help you block unwanted websites and malicious traffic while enforcing company policy. Enpoint protection can be applied across most devices and operating systems. 

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Phishing Testing and Training

Phishing is big business. Users continue to be an easy target for attackers in the cybersecurity defenses of most organizations, but an army of trained, phishing-aware employees can provide a human firewall against these threats. 

Phishing testing and training from Green House Data is designed to help your team change user behavior and reduce organizational risk through regular, real-world phishing simulations, all backed up with effective training and reporting. 

We provide quarterly training and twice-annual phishing testing, with all failing users automatically enrolled in remediation training.

Vulnerability Assessment

Green House Data managed vulnerability scanning services are designed to identify known software flaws in implemented software and operating systems, such as missing patches or misconfigurations. This data is then categorized and reported with month over month trends to determine the overall efficacy of the vulnerability management program.  

Armed with regular reporting on vulnerabilities across your entire IT environment, you are better able to patch, update, or modify endpoints, servers, and services to remediate any security holes.

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