Managed SIEM with Azure Sentinel

Managed Security Information and Event Management Services from Green House Data take advantage of the powerful Azure Sentinel platform to deliver infosec visibility across your entire IT environment — on-prem or in the cloud.

SIEM Services from Green House Data include monitoring of your systems for anomalies, analyzing the risk of any identified threats, and responding to security threats with incident response protocols to minimize and eliminate security incidents and breaches.

By using Azure Sentinel, we can ingest and analyze data from any source, including Green House Data's gBlock Cloud, Microsoft Azure hosted environments, and even your on-prem data center. We can then create dashboards customized for your unique IT services so you can report and manage threats at a glance.

Managed SIEM Benefits

  • Custom Dashboards

    Get the analytics data you need with Green House Data's security dashboards created just for your organization.

  • Optimized Security

    Reduce your cloud spend by right-sizing your SIEM solution alongside your cloud environment.

  • Visibility Across Your IT Stack

    Keep tabs on your apps and data hosted on-prem, in the Azure cloud, or on Green House Data platforms.

  • Office 365 Integration

    Seamlessly add Office 365 data for free.

  • 24/7 Support

    Round-the-clock support and service for your SIEM environment, including threat response.

Azure Sentinel Management & Consulting

This completely managed SIEM solution includes:

What is Azure Sentinel?

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-based Security Information and Event Management tool hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. It works across on-prem systems as well as hosted services, including both native Azure environments and virtualized cloud platforms such as the Green House Data gBlock Cloud.

Learn more about how to get started with Azure Sentinel in our blog series.

Green House Data manages an Azure Sentinel instance on your behalf, delivering managed SIEM
services that include:

Data Collection

Sentinel scans, aggregates, and reports on information from all your users, applications, and infrastructure, regardless of where they are hosted.

Threat Detection

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence features built into Sentinel enables the detection of known threats and minimization of false positives, so you can focus on remediation.

Forensics and Investigation

Dig into security reporting on your environment to discover suspicious activities, threat vectors, and audit trails.

Cloud-Scale Security

Gain unprecedented platform scalability, enabling comprehensive querying and storage of security data even in the largest cloud environments, while simultaneously right-sizing your security environment and only paying for what you need.

Incident Response

Rapid response to security events is facilitated with orchestration and automation tools, quickly removing threats and protecting your sensitive apps and data.

Office 365 Integration

Connect your Microsoft products quickly and easily, including complimentary importing of Office 365 or Microsoft 365 data.

SIEM Optimization

Green House Data is intimately familiar with both Sentinel and Azure services at large, enabling cost optimizations including reservation tiers and audits that can dramatically reduce your monthly spend.

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