Standard Monitoring

Have problems with your network infrastructure proactively identified and addressed before you ever experience unplanned downtime.

Comprehensive Standard Monitoring

Green House Data remotely inspects supported devices and applications for the purpose of identifying faults, capacity utilization, and performance levels. When predefined threshold levels are met or exceeded, Green House Data sends alerts directly to your designated contact and takes immediate action.

Green House Data's Standard Monitoring services include the monitoring of these assets:

  • Physical servers located on-premise or in a Green House Data facility
  • Physical hosts running VMware or Hyper-V located on-premise or in the data center
  • Virtual Machines (VMs) running on physical hosts located on-premise or in the data center
  • Networking devices such as switches and routers
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Other infrastructure that is critical to your production operations

The Green House Data Approach

Completing a comprehensive network audit is the first step in configuring monitoring services. The audit enables the creation of a network assessment report that presents an overview of all IT assets in your environment, including a summary of the network’s health, performance, and security status.

Green House Data will then work with you to set the details of your monitoring needs, such as Monitoring Parameters, Baseline Thresholds, Thresholds for Alerting, an Alert Notification Schedule, and an Alert Response Schedule.

After all of these details have been flushed out and the standard monitoring services have begun, you will begin to receive reports designed to assist with ongoing management and core network operations.  

Business Manager Reports

Technical Manager Reports

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