Azure Adoption Program

Prepare your applications and data for a high-performance, cost-efficient Azure deployment with Green House Data's Azure readiness, adoption, and migration solutions.

Build your Azure environment right the first time.

A successful Azure journey begins with a clear, data-driven understanding of your current technology landscape and how it translates to cloud services. Cloud is a different operational model, but when implemented properly it accelerates transformation and reduces time to market for your products and services.

As an Azure Expert MSP, we have the consultants and architects to take you from discovery and planning through  migration and ongoing mangaement of your Azure IaaS and PaaS. Depending on the engagement, we'll deliver in-depth reporting on your existing applications, cost estimation and optimization for your target environment, right-size provisioning recommendations, and assistance deploying and managing modular workloads.

The goal is to provide you with actionable documentation, expert guidance, and the most effective ways to use Azure cloud services and advance your digital transformation.

Azure Adoption Process

  • Discover

    Using your business goals and Azure migration assessment tools, we evaluate your existing environment

  • Plan

    We provide detailed recommendations for your target environment and migration mode

  • Migrate

    We'll help you lift-and-shift, modernize your apps, start fresh in Azure, or re-implement your workloads

  • Manage

    From CSP governance to security, monitoring, patching, and network configuration, we're ready to help

  • Innovate

    Take the next step with application modernization, process improvement, and native automation

Every time I talk to one of our cloud team members at Green House Data, I feel like I learn something new about Azure.


Azure Readiness Assessment

Many organizations want use Azure but aren't sure where to start. Our Azure Readiness Assessment, which is aligned with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, provides you with an analysis of where you are now and a roadmap of your next steps.

Areas of Focus

As our Azure experts create your customized roadmap, they keep your business objectives in mind while focusing on the following key areas of the cloud adoption journey.

Security & Compliance: meet company-specific requirements around infosec and data management while aligning with CIS and NIST benchmarks.

Cost Control & Governance: avoid wasted cloud spend with best practices configurations and ensure guardrails are in place to keep your account on budget.

Operations Integration: Improve your existing processes and update relevant tools to account for Azure-specific operations.

Risk Avoidance: Eliminate the possibility of risk exposure early in the planning process to continue throughout the entire cloud journey safely and securely.

What You Get

Deliverables from the Azure Readiness Assessment include:

Speak to a Consultant

Azure Adoption Workshop

If you’re preparing to integrate Azure services alongside or in place of your existing IT stack, the platform may seem intimidating. This workshop with our Azure expert consultants will help put your mind at ease not with a documented cloud adoption plan customized to your infrastructure, applications, and business strategy.

Guided Foundation Build

The Guided Foundation Build involves our experts assisting with the actual implementation of your initial Azure deployment. It includes:

Security & Compliance: Protect your systems and data through security controls, visibility and monitoring tools, and application of required compliance standards.

Cloud Governance & Optimization: Efficiently manage your Azure resources to maximize business value, application performance, and available budget.

ID and Access Management: Setup user roles and manage the identity plane within Azure for secure and streamlined access.

Network Configuration: Access your cloud resources from on-prem dat acenters or third parties while maintaining efficient bandwidth consumption and security.

Finally, we also perform an operational fitness process which integrates your Azure operations with your overall operations management practices. We look at system monitoring and advanced management features so you can manage your Azure services meet business goals and keep an eye on benchmarks and KPIs.

We look to our partners to drive innovation and present us with solutions that we are thinking about. Driving cost efficiencies is key for PE owned businesses, and Green House Data brought both innovative and cost saving-solutions to our business. 

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