Green House Data Among Top 10 US Cloud Providers By Availability

CHEYENNE, WY - Green House Data was named the 8th best United States cloud provider in terms of availability in a recent article on ReadWrite. The data came from Compuware’s CloudSleuth service, which monitors the current status of cloud providers across the globe, with rankings including response time and availability.

Data center availability is a measurement of uptime and a crucial aspect of many Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Basically, any downtime at a data center decreases its overall availability percentage. At CloudSleuth, availability is a percentage of successful test transactions out of total attempted test transactions.

Green House Data made the Top 10 Cloud Providers by Availability for 2012, taking the number 8 spot over Amazon EC2. At the time of this post, Green House Data’s Newark facility is the eighth fastest provider for response time in North America, too. You can view the real-time statistics here.

The ReadWrite article points out that “flyover states rock”, with most of the top providers located in the Midwest. Smaller ‘boutique’ providers also fared better in the rankings. Everyone at Green House Data is proud to have built some of the fastest, most available data center facilities in the region. The goal for 2013? Break into the Top 10 Average Response Time. Based on our current rank, we think we have a pretty good shot.