Application Modernization

Deliver continuous innovation, optimize your applications for efficient use of cloud resources, and integrate multiple hosting providers or on-premises resources.

Re-platform, Re-host, Re-factor, or Re-architect Your Mission Critical Apps

Green House Data offers comprehensive application development services, including redesigning or replacing legacy systems to take better advantage of modern agile IT practices and technologies.

We can “lift and shift” your apps to run in the cloud, but they may not be designed for efficient use of cloud resources. Legacy apps can also be a hindrance to agility. By modernizing you can take full advantage of automation, containers, Infrastructure as Code, and key PaaS features that help streamline administration and deliver on business value and digital transformation initiatives.

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Why Modernize Your Applications?

  • Take Advantage of the Cloud

    Go beyond “lift and shift” by refactoring your apps to natively run on cloud platforms, reducing your overall cloud spend and introducing opportunities for automation and innovation.

  • Modernize Underlying Infrastructure

    If you’re due for a hardware refresh or struggling with aging infrastructure, it’s the perfect time to migrate your apps and redesign them for the latest technology.

  • Embrace Hybrid and Mobile

    Custom application development can help your apps talk to each other and work across a wide array of platforms and endpoints, facilitating mobile workforce and enabling true hybrid deployments.

  • Improve the User Experience

    Your users, whether they are customers or employees, expect self-service, mobile compatibility, and 100% uptime and availability. An application refresh can help you deliver.

Modernize Your Software DNA to Meet Your Current Needs

Whether you’re cloud-first, cloud-only, working in a hybrid environment, or even remaining on-prem, application modernization is bound to rear its head. Not every business problem can be solved with a readily available SaaS or traditional software deployment. If you’re tired of banging your head against the wall as you grapple with your legacy systems, Green House Data can help.

Common app modernization scenarios include:

Our unique approach to software begins with the Delivery Team, which is carefully designed around your existing strengths and staff to perfectly supplement the Project Managers, Solution Architects, Scrum Masters, and BAs/QAs to deliver application solutions that exceed your expectations.

We have helped dozens of satisfied customers to update, refactor, and replatform their existing applications to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve the user experience, and deliver new revenue and innovation.

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They integrated so well into our team, and worked side by side with our staff, that you couldn’t tell who was the employee versus consultant.

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