Software Development and Cloud Integration

Software development and cloud integration services solve challenges with mobile apps, automation, efficiency, DevOps and agile enablement, big data analytics, and more.

Helping You Deliver Continuous Integration and DevOps Practices

Green House Data has a dedicated software development team that is committed to your success by using a cohesive agile team approach, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and focusing on bottom-line business impact for you and your clients.

We’ve helped clients with a wide range of software and technology development solutions, including:

  • New application development
  • Integration of new and existing applications
  • Automation and efficiency development efforts
  • Mobile applications for cross-platform unified experiences
  • Cloud application modernization
  • Automated testing
  • Agile and DevOps enablement
  • Azure Data Platform and Power BI
  • Software delivery pipelines
  • New Application Development

    Creating new software solutions that help you differentiate your business

  • Cloud Application Modernization

    Updating and refactoring existing applications to take advantage of cloud capabilities.

  • Automation & Efficiency

    Automated testing and cloud platforms to drive efficiencies.

  • DevOps & Agile Enablement

    Create high performing Agile Delivery Teams with DevOps engineering practices, processes, & tools.

  • Mobile Development

    Cross platform mobile applications to deliver a unified experience.

Modern Application Development

Build the next generation of software applications and accelerate the speed of delivery across your enterprise. Learn how to take advantage of infrastructure as code, DevOps, and continuous integration and improvements to constantly improve and iterate on your software, IT services, and overall operations.

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Cloud Solutions

Tight integration between our Cloud Services, Enterprise Advisory Services, Software Development, and Project Management teams means your custom software integration and development services go beyond simple Dev and Test.

Whether you are just getting started on your cloud journey or have extensive investments in Azure or on premises, Green House Data maximizes your cloud investment, innovates, and differentiates your enterprise in the cloud.


DevOps Enablement

We can help you create and enable high-performing software delivery teams that focus on building the right product to solve your unique business challenges.

DevOps is more than a buzzword or even a software development strategy. It’s an organizational overhaul that everyone must buy in on. That can mean some heavy lifting but the end result is higher quality IT services with faster speed of delivery across not only your software products but your entire organization.


Use Your Data for Meaningful Insights and Analytics

Drive efficiency and create meaningful change throughout your business operations by discovering, analyzing, storing, and sorting your data. This vital information can be used to build smarter applications that influence your productivity and your customer satisfaction.

We look to our partners to drive innovation and present us with solutions that we are thinking about. Driving cost efficiencies is key for PE owned businesses, and Green House Data brought both innovative and cost saving-solutions to our business. 

Accudyne Industries

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Contact us today to set up an initial meeting in which we will learn about your challenges and discuss how Green House Data can help.

From there, we’ll work together to form a proposed solution, including any relevant benchmarks from your existing IT environment and applications. Every solution is custom designed to your organization and your individual goals.

Delivery Team Approach

A delivery team is hand-picked and assigned to your project along with a dedicated Project Management staff and our 24/7 Global Service Center for any support and helpdesk inquiries.

Teams build great software, not individuals. That’s why our Delivery Team model provides you the expertise and capabilities to deliver custom, powerful software solutions. We’re an extension of your own teams and we want to get to know your people, technology, and business model so we can offer better, more cost-effective service.

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