DevOps Enablement

DevOps enablement strategies to help you achieve digital business transformation and rapid delivery of high-quality software and IT solutions to meet changing business priorities. 

What is a DevOps Enablement Strategy?

Green House Data provides a framework with an actionable plan to help you implement DevOps practices throughout your organization. We begin with a DevOps Assessment to help your teams continually assess how they are progressing with key DevOps capabilities and continually refine the Enablement Strategy. The Enablement Strategy is customized around your existing staff and operations. It includes key roles, best practices, and metrics to reference as you begin to use DevOps workflows within your organization.

The result is faster delivery of software and cloud solutions so you can constantly fix bugs, deploy new versions, and continue to innovate. 

Steps to DevOps Enablement

  • Learn

    A DevOps team assessment is performed and organizational and team backlogs are created as a launch point for the DevOps transformation.

  • Build

    The DevOps enablement team is assembled from Green House Data staff to augment your onsite resources. We coach and train your delivery team on DevOps and agile practice.

  • Measure

    Quarterly DevOps re-assessments are performed to make sure your team is on track and continuous improvements are implemented.

What Is DevOps?

The convergence of Development and Operations, traditionally siloed arms of the IT department who worked independently within the waterfall  methodology of software development and implementation. DevOps is enabling the next generation of software delivery by prioritizing a culture that emphasizes the people, processes, and practices that maximize speed, efficiency, and quality of software delivery with a customer-first mindset. 

After completing a DevOps Assessment, your team will be prepared to continuously deliver software and IT infrastructure iterations that assess, refine, and improve your critical business apps. 

How DevOps Enables Faster Delivery

Do you ever feel like by the time you implement a software solution, there’s new technology on the market that could have better met your expectations? By following an agile delivery process, you reach production much faster, delivering innovation and executing on business drivers. Here’s how it works. 

The software Delivery Team integrates development, testing, operations, and delivery teams into a single entity. By taking your business drivers and then digging into code authoring, infrastructure architecture, UX/UI design, and testing, a working prototype can quickly enter version control – the beginning of the software delivery pipeline. At this point, code analysis, metrics, coverage, and unit tests are performed.  

After initial Build/Test, an artifact repository is generated, which supports various software package management systems and provides consistency throughout the continuous improvement process. The production infrastructure is then provisioned, the app is deployed, and tests are layered on top. 

From here, the app is tested including code proofing, load testing, and penetration testing. Automated tools are often leveraged to help perform tests, make infrastructure configuration changes, and collect data. After A/B testing, a canary test, and any potential rollbacks to previous versions, the software can enter production. 

Once we are in production, we document bugs and identify areas of improvement via diagnostics, app monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and usage analytics.

These inform feedback loops which enter a unified backlog for each project. The backlog returns to the Delivery Team, who begins the process again by making code changes, UX/UI changes, and infrastructure adjustments. Those changes become a new version and enter the pipeline. 

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