Steps to Deployment

See the steps taken to bring your infrastructure from vision to reality, including detailed Statement of Work, implementation plan, milestones, and testing.

System Implementation Process

Every staff member at Green House Data has a single goal: to deliver custom IT infrastructure adhering to your exact specifications, in the locations best suited to your users, with 100% uptime.

How do we get there? With a carefully followed implementation process, beginning with your stated requirements, moving through an implementation plan, proof of concept, scheduled deployment, data migration, and system testing. Depending on the strengths of your IT team, you can offload as much or as little of the process as you need to Green House Data expert administrators. 

Bringing Your Infrastructure Online

Whatever your data center product of choice, your final IT environment will involve a complex combination of the following components:

With hybrid environments, these elements become more involved as they must work in concert with your existing infrastructure.

To ensure a mutually agreed upon delivery date as well as complete and constant functionality of your services, we craft a plan that demonstrates exactly how, when, why, and where your data and applications will reside and operate.

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Measurable Outcomes

Go ahead and hold us accountable. We include concrete goals in every implementation plan so your team and our own staff have benchmarks on the way to a successful deployment.

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Consultative Approach

Work directly with your point of contact and expert systems administrators to make sure your infrastructure meets your goals and is implemented in a timely manner.

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Process & Procedure

As we begin to roll out your systems, a focus on process and procedure keeps hiccups from becoming roadblocks. Every operation is documented and tested before moving to production.

Complimentary White Paper

Best Practices for Data Center Migration

This white paper includes a timeline and details to help plan your migration.


Example Timeline

Your project manager will oversee the implementation process. They'll touch base regularly with information regarding a kick-off meeting, implementation plan and key milestones, billing and service activation details, on-going updates and coordination with your IT team, and a contact list of all Green House Data staff involved with your project.

An example timeline follows:

customer environment plan

An example of a customer storage environment, mapped out as part of the implementation process.

  1. Service order placed
  2. Equipment ordered (if applicable)
  3. Customer implementation kick-off meeting
  4. Equipment delivery, validation, and acceptance (if applicable)
  5. Initial network configuration
  6. System and network environment build
  7. Customer environment review and approval
  8. Configuration of monitoring and alert systems (if applicable)
  9. Environment validation testing
  10. Customer acceptance testing
  11. Final monitoring, alerting, and response plan (if applicable)
  12. Initial baseline system billing begins
  13. Green House Data delivers “as-built” documentation to customer
  14. Data migration
  15. Professional services and/or migration billing begins (if applicable)
  16. Operational touch base to make sure all is functioning properly

Key Milestones

Hardware and Software Environment Milestones
Implementation Planning

Develop project plan with key milestones, finalize technical specifications and design. Define project schedule and responsibilities. Draft response plan.

Build Hardware/Software

Deploy physical network, compute and storage hardware. Load OS and initiate virtual servers.

Network Access Provided

Deploy networking and bandwidth connections.

Customer Access Provided

Customer gains access to the IT environment.

Application Software and Data Migration Milestones

Software Applications InstalledGreen House Data and customer install and configure software applications.
Data MigrationGreen House Data and customer work cooperatively to move data to new environment.

Backup and Recovery System Installed

If applicable, deploy and test backup system and data recovery.
Move to ProductionOnce accepted by customer, go live with the environment.
Ongoing SupportActivate access to any managed services and 24/7 technical support.
As-Built DocumentationDocument final system design, specifications, and configurations.

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